When the f**k is cannabis going to become federally legal?

I dropped some f-bombs in a post last week — if you missed it: 14 f***ing cannabis rules for 2021 — and got more email from you guys than ever, so first, thank you.

Second, what the fuck is it about f-bombs? It just seems to resonate with people when you drop the pretense and allow yourself to get down and dirty and real enough to just say… fuck.

Am I right? Marketers are always yammering on about authenticity; as they say, if you can fake sincerity, you have it made. Saying ‘fuck’ doesn’t mean everything you say has veracity, but it does signal that you’re not kidding around here… and we all have strong feelings right now about all the shit beyond our control that’s affecting our daily lives.

In short, it’s emotional validation. In a Samuel L. Jackson kind of way.

Meanwhile, the list of shit beyond our control is lengthening: the pandemic, our wobbly political system, unpredictable storms, an economy and a society on the edge. Bernie Sander memes.

No one has answers for all this shit, thus the growing cascade of fucks being given. But we can try to ask the right questions. This newsletter is about cannabis. So here are a few questions about where the fuck we are with that:

When is cannabis going to become federally legal?

Governments should reflect the will of the people. Ours does and doesn’t. We’ve made big strides in the states, but it’s (fucking!) ludicrous that cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug on the federal Controlled Substances Act, along with heroin and other drugs that have no medicinal value. We’re moving toward correcting this, but here’s one thing I know: Politicians will follow the money.

Big corporations want in the cannabis game; they’ve seen the enormous demand and they are lining up the lobbyists and financing they need to change the laws and open the investment coffers.

Yeah, but when does it become legal? I don’t have a good answer. There is an actual Cannabis Caucus in Congress now, and the Biden Administration seems to be leaning toward federal decriminalization, but they do have some big problems on their plate.

And the deck is always stacked against the little guy. You and I can help spur the right kinds of action by coming out of the closet about cannabis and getting involved in the political process, so we can insist on:

  • Affordable access to plant-based medicines that work.
  • The release of prisoners being held on cannabis charges.
  • Protections for small businesses in the cannabis space.
  • A hemp / cannabis industry that works for all of us, in political, environmental and economic terms.

Ending the stigma is a process, and you and I can help that process along by just being honest, talking more about cannabis with friends and family.

What if cannabis use becomes as widespread as alcohol use is now?

We all know people who have train-wrecked their lives with alcohol. Between relationships, finances and health, it’s an equal-opportunity destroyer. And it’s not always total destruction, often it’s an albatross around the neck, dragging down quality of life.

Can cannabis be any better? It can certainly be abused, but it’s also a tool for wellness; we have endocannabinoid systems, we can use phytocannabinoids wisely, to keep ourselves balanced and healthy, through better sleep, less anxiety and reduced inflammation, just for starters. (Seriously, check out the fucking drop-down menu of the dozens of medical conditions cannabis can treat.) , When the f**k is cannabis going to become federally legal?

But as a way to change your state at the end of the day, is there a way to get high with cannabis, without risking the downside that comes with other euphoriants? I think so.
By using good sense. Asking questions, sharing experiences, testing and learning. Matching cultivars to your genetic makeup? Maybe! The research is just taking off, and we are going to learn a lot about how we interact with this plant.

Besides all the disease states it can address, we know cannabis opens to the doors of perception: It can enhance intimacy, creativity and spirituality — the things that make us human. It can help us live healthier, happier lives, quite possibly with less booze.

Why is this the right time for cannabis?

As more of us get shots in our arms, we’re going to stumble out into the streets this spring, blinking in the hard sunlight, gulping in the fresh air. We’re going to congregate in bars and restaurants, tell each other stories and jokes. We’re going to high-five and hug each other, slap each other on the backs, laughing and crying at the same time at all the fuckery we’ve been through.

Oh the humanity. This is us, and we’ve been pent up. We’ve had time to figure out what’s really fucking important. We’ve seen our government throw trillions at problems that need solving. Ending cannabis prohibition is a solution to many problems. It will generate jobs and tax revenues that will help us address other issues.

We don’t have to wait around for the $2 million or $3 million or $10 million we imagine it would take to say ‘fuck you’ to the world and start doing what we want. One thing we want and need is an end to the stigma. The more we learn about cannabis, the more we see that this plant is inextricably linked to humanity. It makes us better people, and it’s time to embrace it.

Can I get a fuck yeah?

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