What you need to know about vaping

Pen-style e-cigarettes and vaping began as an alternative to smoking tobacco, and for about 10 years, vaping seemed to be a good way to reduce the harm of inhaling burnt soot and ash. Then in the fall of 2019, vapers started getting seriously sick, with some pretty bad lung conditions. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) even came up with a name for this condition: e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI).

As of Dec. 3, 2019, a total of 2,291 hospitalized EVALI cases were reported to the CDC from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories (Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands). Also confirmed were 48 deaths due to EVALI. 

How did vaping become so dangerous? And how can you protect yourself?

Vaping requires a liquid that will convert to vapor when heated, or in many cases, an aerosol, to be more precise. What’s the difference? If you boil water, you’re going to get a vapor, but an aerosol contains more than water, there are going to be tiny particles suspended in a gas, that you are inhaling into your lungs. Some of the liquids being used contain fats, like MCT oil. Your lungs don’t process fats well, so some people were contracting lipid pneumonia. 

Perhaps worse, vitamin E acetate as been showing up in CBD and THC vape pens. As noted by the CDC: 

THC-containing products continue to be the most commonly reported e-cigarettes, or vaping products used by EVALI patients, and it appears that vitamin E acetate is associated with EVALI. However, many substances and product sources are being investigated, and there might be more than one cause. Therefore, while the investigation continues, persons should consider refraining from the use of all e-cigarette, or vaping, products.

At Kannaboomers we would go further than saying you “should consider refraining,” and state clearly that you’d be crazy to risk serious injury or death when there are better alternatives to vaping with products of unknown origin. Truly, you can eat edibles, smoke your cannabis, or you could pick up a dry herb vaporizer. This is a device that heats, but does not incinerate ground up cannabis buds to create an aerosol that contains the active ingredients in your cannabis.

Dry herb vaping is a safer alternative

We like dry herb vaping because we prefer to keep soot and ash out of our lungs, and we can choose the flower we want to vape. Dry herb vaping also seems to impart a clearer high, as opposed to the full-on assault on your consciousness you sometimes get from the old college-style bong hit.

So until more research is in and / or the CDC declares an all-clear on pen-style vaporizers (this would require thorough and careful government regulation) we are recommending that if you want to vape, you do so with high-quality dry herb vaporizers. High-quality means made without rubber and plastic, which can emit hazardous fumes when heated. You want components of  ceramic and steel, and a company that’s been around long enough to have garnered positive reviews from real consumers.   

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


The DaVinci IQ is a sleek, discreet wonder. The brushed aluminum conduction device fits nicely in your pocket or palm with just the right amount of heft, and gives you precise control over your vaping experience. It's compact and easy to operate and keep clean.

Really taste your herb

The IQ’s ceramic zirconia air path delivers a clean draw that lets you really taste your cannabis.

Choose your flavor profiles

The IQ enables you to customize your temperature settings to control the flavor of your cannabis. Set your preferred temp and enjoy – it’s simple and smart.

Control your IQ with the Bluetooth app

You can use your phone to turn on your IQ and dial in your exact vaping temperature.

Priced at $229, the IQ comes with accessories including two mouthpieces, the lithium-ion battery, charging cord, brush and packing tool.

Want to learn more about dry vaping? Listen to our podcast with John Bailey of DaVinci Vaporizer.

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