Twenty 4:20 #12 | Delta 8

“In the case of Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC, their chemical structures are damn near identical. It’s a very slight carbon chain difference that results in a slightly different molecule. But that slight difference means it has different effects on the human brain and the human body.”

— Curt Robbins

What if you could get in the zone, without getting really stoned? Get the good parts of a cannabis high — mood enhancement, relaxation etc.— without the downside, which sometimes show up as panic or paranoia?

Scientists have found that removing one carbon molecule from Delta 9 THC can result in a less intense psychoactive effect. This is Delta 8, and companies have begun making Delta 8 products (gummies, tinctures and vapes) for cannabis consumers who don’t want to get super-high.

Cannabis educator Curt Robbins explains the science behind the emergence of Delta 8 as a new consumer product in this segment.