Twenty 4:20 #11 | Varins

“There is a misperception that THC, the neutral version of this phyto-molecule, is the only thing to come out of this plant that causes a psychoactivity. And I’m here to say that is not true whatsoever.”

— Curt Robbins

Cannabis is a complex plant, with many different compounds and cannabinoids. In this episode, Curt Robbins delves into varins, the acidic precursors of other well-known cannabinoids, including THC, CBD and CBG. We discuss how:

  • The varin THCV differs from THC, and the effects it has on those who consume it.
  • Under current law, varin-based products have a different legal status than THC products; they are considered hemp.
  • We can expect to see cannabis varins in consumer products in the future.

Read Curt’s article on varins in Vegas Cannabis magazine here.