Twenty 4:20 #10 | Higher Learning LV is Coming

“We tend to have misinformation resulting from… almost a century of prohibition and programs like DARE and just you know, blatant misinformation not based on science whatsoever.”

— Curt Robbins

We desperately need a common vocabulary about cannabis — and one that’s not based on myth and misinformation. Cannabis educator Curt Robbins is doing something about this, with a new project called Higher Learning LV, a much-needed online course for cannabis professionals, as well as consumers. In this episode of our ongoing series of 20-minute segments, we discuss:

  • Data from Oasis Intelligence showing a need for cannabis education
  • The general state of confusion and ignorance around cannabis science
  • The need for a common understanding among scientists, regulators and the public
  • The fundamentals of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • How to learn more about the science of cannabis

Curt’s LinkedIn profile.