Review: What you need to know about Elixinol

If it seems like Elixinol is far ahead of many of the companies flooding the CBD market, it might be a reflection of founder Paul Benheim’s long experience in the hemp industry.  After starting Hemp Foods Australia in 1993, Benheim was among the first to realize the nutritional potential of hemp. Since then he has led Elixinol in making their CBD oil products available in all 50 U.S. states, and around the world. 

Today Elixinol supplies high-potency CBD oil capsules and a hemp oil tincture, which are pretty standard offerings for any company that’s marketing CBD oil. But Elixinol also has some innovative, category-breaking products, including:

  • The X-Pen, which delivers a pre-measured dosage of precisely 15 mg, every time.
  • CBD Oil Liposomes, which deliver more bioavailable dose that can be taken sublingually, or in water.
  • Respira, a tincture that can also be taken sublingually, or via vape mode, for instantaneous relief.
  • A Hemp Balm that many people find helpful for arthritis and other aches and pains.

We’ve tried each of these products, and found them all to be reliably effective.

We also appreciate that Elixinol was among the first wave of brands to publish lab results, in the form of a Certificate of Analysis for every batch, giving consumers confidence in their products. Coupled with their commitment to products that make quality CBD oil available in patient-friendly ways, and the fact that they contribute five percent of each purchase to a charity of your choice, we’ve given Elixinol our highest marks across the board.

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