Review: Hashman Sativa Dark Chocolate Bar

Do you like dark chocolate? Or maybe the better question is: How much do you like dark chocolate?

When it's done well, dark chocolate it's one of life's finer pleasures, right? So why not combine it with cannabis? That's the thinking behind the Hashman Sativa Dark Chocolate, a rather decadent, wheel-shaped bar (is it right to call a wheel a bar?) with 55% cocoa and 200 mg of THC.

Dosing is imprecise

We picked one up at the Point Loma Patients Consumer Cooperative for $20. Packaged in sturdy cardboard, it's sectioned into 20-mg triangles. The whole wheel is scored in a random geometric pattern, and the lines are not deep. So if you don't want a full 20 mg dose, there's some guesswork involved in cutting off a chunk that might be say 5 or 10 mg.
But that's exactly what I did last night after dinner.  I tried to go for 10 mg, or roughly half, as around 10 mg is enough for me to feel a sense of relaxation, with no paranoia or anxiety. And it was a weeknight.

It's good chocolate

As someone who eats a square or two of good dark chocolate just about every day, I can vouch for the quality of Hashman. It's a decent dark chocolate, smooth and not chalky, with a slight tinge of dank flavor on the after-taste. It has a good chocolate texture, not waxy like a cheap candy bar (which at $20, it's definitely not).
As is the case with any edible, you have to wait up to two hours before you notice any effect. Then it's a matter of checking yourself and seeing how normal (or not) things are. I took my approximately 10 mg chunk around 7 p.m. as an after-dinner dessert treat. By 9 p.m. I was winding down the day, which for me means watching something on Netflix that can hold our attention (and sometimes cannabis can help in that regard, by making a boring or preposterous plot suddenly a whole lot more captivating).
Alas, last night's show was about a band of New Zealand bros who had (somehow) become Norse gods. Their flaws were overplayed, and even the Hashman could not make them interesting. So I turned to the book I'm reading, a detective story by Lawrence Sanders, and found it was well-written, witty at times, and still a page-turner. In other words, I was not too high.

The sativa head high

I did detect a slight buzz, however. And it is sativa, known for delivering a head high. I can report that it woke my brain up, to the extent that it kept me from falling asleep as fast as I normally do.
​Bottom line:
  • This is a good edible to share on occasions when you want a sativa high.
  • It's hard to dose precisely, so if you're looking for something to microdose at 5 or 10 mg, you may want to try another product.
  • It might make it hard to fall asleep.
  • It's quite tasty!   ​