Best podcasts about weed

No time to read? Podcasts are an easy way to learn and be entertained while you drive, walk, workout, or are sitting there amazed at the depth of stuff on Netflix you have zero interest in watching.

So how do you find a good podcast?

–Install Stitcher, iTunes or Google Play Music on your phone.

–Go to that app, and whatever you’re curious about, enter that keyword into the search box and go.

When that word is ‘cannabis,’ the Kannaboom Podcast should pop up — among a few other good choices mentioned below.

The Kannaboom Podcast is where I interview cannabis experts, including doctors, political activists, and producers of cannabis products and services, usually for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Why listen? You’ll gain practical, up-to-date knowledge of how cannabis can enhance your wellness every day,

Weed is not as simple as it once was.

How is the Kannaboom Podcast different from other cannabis podcasts? Like other boomers, I smoked a few joints and coughed out some bong hits during roughly the Pleistocene era. Then a year or two ago I noticed the kids were talking about shatter, wax, dabbing. Budder. Carb cap. Cheeba? I’d also done some work for companies marketing cannabidiol (CBD) and what I learned made me a believer in the power of cannabis as a safe and effective alternative for a variety of conditions.

It became obvious that there’s lots learn about cannabis as a medicine for conditions like epilepsy and cancer, as well as anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, PTSD and others. The Kannaboom Podcast is here to break it down with experts who tell us what we need to know, directly.

Two other good podcasts about weed

There are other good podcasts about cannabis of course. Since this is about spreading the word and raising awareness of a medicine that will eventually make a difference in millions of lives, I’m happy to recommend a few ‘competing’ podcasts doing good work on this front. 

First up, the Brave New Weed podcast is hosted by Joe Dolce, author of an excellent book by the same name. In each episode, Dolce and co-host Matthew Hendershot provide a roundup of relevant news, then interview a guest who has expertise in cannabis. The hosts have a deep knowledge of cannabis, they have fun together and the interviews are consistently excellent; you will always learn something useful from Brave New Weed. (Update: Joe had me on for episode 87 of Brave New Weed.  And I had him on for episode 51 of the Kannaboom Podcast.)

Another worth listening to is The CannaInsider Podcast, produced by Matthew Kind. It’s more focused on the business of cannabis, including topics like product development, branding, investing, etc., but I’ve found plenty of interesting interviews among the more than 230 shows. One that I enjoyed from deep in the archives was this interview with author and former Harvard professor Lester Grinspoon, M.D., one of the few people who were advocating cannabis as a viable medicine way back in the 1970s — one of the forefathers of today’s movement toward ending prohibition, and he talks about getting high with Carl Sagan!  Kind follows a structured format; for instance he asks every guest what their favorite personal development book is. But he’s also spontaneous, and a good off-the-cuff interviewer. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the industry by listening to this podcast. 

And of course… Joe Rogan

A couple of others that I wouldn’t describe as ‘musts,’ but that you may find interesting: Getting Doug with High is a YouTube channel / podcast hosted since 2013 by stand-up comedian Doug Benson. Guests include other comedians, and there’s a Pot Topics segment that injects off-beat news about weed into the format. There’s a lot of hilarious banter, so it it’s a good show if you yearn to hang out and get high with a small group of friends and have a lot of laughs.

Another well-known show that is not explicitly cannabis-focused, but in which the plant sure figures prominently is the Joe Rogan Experience — one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 1,100 shows and 16 million downloads as of this writing. And of course it’s the show on which Elon Musk famously took a few hits off a blunt in September 2018. (He was just following Rogan’s lead, as Joe smokes weed regularly, except during Sober October.)

Rogan’s guests are other comedians, people from the UFC world, politicians and celebrities, and shows typically go for two or three hours. Over 50, Rogan is a good interviewer, with plenty of time to drill down into topics, and no reluctance to be frank, or profane, which is refreshing given the constraints of corporate media. The seemingly apolitical bro-culture zeitgeist not withstanding, it’s an entertaining show, worth a listen just to see which way the cross-cultural wind is blowing. 

The Kannaboom Podcast is about relaying practical wellness information from cannabis experts. Do you know of an expert we should interview, or are you curious about a particular aspect of cannabis? Is there another cannabis-focused podcast we should be listening to? Let us know in the comments, or drop me a line at