Kushy Punch Super Potent Gummies — Indica

Why do they make sugary edibles? To appeal to kids?

On our continuing quest for good medicinal edibles and just out of curiosity, we picked up a little box of Kushy Punch Super Potent Indica Edibles ($12 at the Point Loma Consumers Cooperative).

By little, we mean about one square inch, by a half inch deep, easy to stuff in your pocket or backback and take 100 mg with you (not to school or anything like that, we're sure, but why the cartoonish Kushy Punch logo? Who is this product designed for?)

Despite our perennial resolution to cut down on sugar, we decided to give these a try. Ingredients listed on the box include tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid natural flavor extract, cannabis extract natural food coloring and vegetable oil.

Micro-dose friendly packaging. Sort of.

Inside the box a foil-sealed plastic tray containing a segmented square of dark brown gummy candy, tacky to the touch. Imprinted on the foil are lines of demarcation, if you will, showing that one-fourth of the package will deliver 25 mg of indica; one-eighth will deliver 12.5 mg; and one-sixteenth will be good for 6.25 mg. In extremely small print on the bottom of the foil it says “Beginners recommended dosage 5 — 10 mg THC.”

It's easy enough, with a sharp knife, to quarter one quarter and get your beginning dose down to 6.25 mg — but it would be guesswork, and sticky and messy, to try to go for a 5 mg dose, or anything exact.

The most prominent messaging on the outside of the box says to expect a 60-minute activation time; on another panel there's this: “Disclaimer: The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by up to two hours.”

So that's a little ambiguous. Delayed by up to two hours, besides the expected 60 minutes?

The gummy is plum-flavored, but still with a grassy, dank taste. A roughly 6.25 mg piece under the tongue takes about 10 minutes to dissolve. We found that it generated a mild, nearly imperceptible buzz, and an ability to quickly fall asleep, about three hours after ingesting. Correlation is not causation, but we experienced vivid dreams, and not gonna lie, we were a little groggy the next morning.

If you're looking for a convenient, portable, potent edible, and don't mind a little but of sugar, Kushy Punch Indica Super Potent Gummy Formula is not a bad choice.

We also like that

Kushy Punch publishes lab results for each batch of product.

  • The product is locally sourced, and manufactured with solvent-free extraction methods.
  • At $12 for 100mg, it's about 75 cents for a 6.75 mg microdose
  • The company does hands-on charity work with the L.A. Food Bank
  • The packaging is not a pain. Although as noted, the logo is a little juvenile for a grown-up product.

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