How to leave a podcast review

We produce the Kannaboom Podcast to help reverse some of the bad effects of almost 100 years of prohibitionist propaganda. By bringing you actual science about the medicinal value of the plant, and how it can enhance your wellness, we’re creating a new narrative around humans, health and hemp.

Want to help? It’s easy, just write a short review at iTunes if you are on an iPhone, or at Stitcher, which seems to be the best place right now if you’re on an Android phone. The more reviews and ratings we have, the larger our audience will be, and as it grows, we’re helping overturn moronic marijuana myths. So I’d be super-grateful if you would help us amplify our message by leaving a review, following the steps below.  

iPhone: Leave a review at Apple Podcasts

2. Click on “Listen at Apple Podcasts”

3. This will take you to the Kannaboom page at iTunes.

4. Click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab.

5. Click on “Write a review.”

6. Write your honest review and hit “submit.” 

Android: Leave a review at Stitcher

At this writing, neither Google Play or Spotify have a review function, but you can leave a review at Stitcher. It’s simple:

1. Go to the Stitcher page for Kannaboom.

2. Scroll down past the recent episodes.

3. Click on “Write a review.”

4. Rate the show and leave a review.

Bonus: Let's connect!

As we grow the Kannaboom Podcast I appreciate your help. After you leave a review, please drop me a line at and let me know who you’d like to hear on the show, and what cannabis / hemp topics most interest you. I’ll respond, and who knows, you might be our next guest!

Thank you!