Delta 8: How to get high, but not TOO high

Do you drink decaf? Me neither. Non-alcoholic beer? Hell no. Skim milk and fat-free cheese? Just say no.

Why then would you or I be interested in ingesting Delta 8 THC? Well, a lot of people are, if you judge by the record-breaking number of downloads on this new podcast episode — focused on Delta 8 — with cannabis educator Curt Robbins.

So what’s Delta 8 THC, and why are so many people curious about it?

First identified in the 1940s, Delta 8 is the cannabinoid that gets you high, but not super high. Because it’s derived from hemp, Delta 8 is legal in all but 11 states.*

Compared to Delta 9 THC, it’s missing one carbon molecule, which apparently makes a big difference in the level of psychoactivity that some people experience. And I am interested in Delta 8, because, I have to admit, I’m kind of a lightweight. Don’t get me wrong. Like everyone, I do like to change my state, shift to another gear at the end of the day… away from, you know, five-alarm problem-solving to just being.

It’s good to have an alternative to alcohol — it is a poison, after all — and I appreciate how the right amount of the right cannabis can help me:

  • Lighten my mood.
  • Be more body-aware.
  • Notice the tone and tenor of my inner voice, and give me the freedom to challenge my own assumptions.
  • Laugh more easily at some of the absurdity around us.

What I don’t like about getting high is the tendency to feel… more self-conscious.

Every cannabis experience is subjective

For some this is not an issue; I know many high-functioning cannabis consumers (HFCCs) who are somehow able to take multiple bong hits and proceed to multi-task with self-assurance and alacrity. (This could be a matter of genetics: There are fast and slow metabolizers of THC,as I discussed with epigenetic coach David Krantz.)

Not for me though. Too stoned, I’m apt to become distracted by the suddenly profound nature of my thoughts (haha!) or enter into a conversation with God. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just tends to wreak havoc with my to-do list, and thus my productivity. And Americans are nothing if not productive.

So, there’s a time and place for getting rather super-high, and for me it’s not every day. It must also be said: What affects you one way may affect me in a totally opposite way.We can all have unique reactions to various cannabis products and strains.

Delta 8: The light beer of cannabis?

However, if there’s an option like Delta 8 that science says may allow me to relax, without getting super-stoned — which for some can trigger paranoia and panic — I want to investigate. Because in addition to changing your mental / emotional state, phytocannabinoids can also help you keep your endocannabinoid system toned, and your body in a balanced state of homeostasis. In other words, it’s about wellness, and warding off various disease states.

Cannabis is a safe and effective medicine, and people are using it to stay on top of anxiety, insomnia and inflammation, which are three of the biggest obstacles to everyday wellness (and which, God knows, we have seen peak levels of over the last 12 months).

What if you’re, like me, somewhat of a lightweight, and you don’t want to get super-high every day? You can take cannabidiol (CBD), which has many medicinal properties that support wellness. CBD can be subtle though. You may have tried it and heard your inner voice say, “This is some weak sauce.” Not to say it’s not doing its job. But in terms of anxiety, in particular, it can be hard for me to know the difference between an anxious and less-anxious state.

But having tried Delta 8, I can say that it does help me relax, noticeably. So maybe we should consider Delta 8 the halfway cannabis product, between CBD and THC. Akin to light beer. You don’t want to hammer too many double IPAs in one sitting, right? Maybe Delta 8 is like the session beer you can sip all day without getting blotto. But instead of taxing your liver with alcohol, when you ingest Delta 8 you’re keeping your endocannabinoid system in tune, while also defeating anxiety, inflammation and insomnia.

Ready to try Delta 8?

I’ve been experimenting with some Delta 8 gummies and a tincture from a company called 3Chi.

The gummies are 25 mg each, I have cut them into quarters to get close to my preferred after-dinner dose of 5 mg for other cannabis gummies. I can say I’ve noticed a mild, manageable high, and I’ve slept well. 3Chi posts Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on their website, and I noticed the presence of some CBN in the tincture. This cannabinoid is known to help people sleep, and it seems to work well for that purpose for me, I am glad to report.

If you’re interested in trying Delta 8 THC, check out 3Chi’s line of products.