How fast does CBD oil work for anxiety?

No one likes feeling anxious, but it’s a fact of life, we all do sometimes. It could be an issue at work, or a relationship, money problems or the general state of the world. Fact is, there’s a lot to worry about, right? 

Having social anxiety and feeling a bit off-kilter is nothing out of the ordinary. And it’s only natural to be eager to get back to feeling normal, as soon as possible. 

But even when you want fast relief, you have to be concerned about finding the safest way to deal with social anxiety disorder. If you’re focused on holistic health, you may want to look at using CBD oil to achieve wellness

And you probably have some questions: 

  • Does CBD help with anxiety? 
  • If so, how fast does it work? 
  • How safe is it? Are there medically reviewed studies on CBD? 
  • Is the use of CBD approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?  
  • Are there other health benefits to using CBD?

Factors that increase CBD oil’s effectiveness

We’ve learned a lot about CBD over the last decade, but there are still some things about it that are not well known. 

For instance, CBD comes in many forms — tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, vaping — so which method of consumption is right for you? Does it work the same for everyone, or are there biological factors that could affect the efficacy of CBD for particular individuals?  There are different potencies; which concentration is going to work best for my condition? 

The truth is, we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), and we can be deficient in those endogenous cannabinoids that our body produces. A deficiency like this can manifest in many different ways, as the ECS regulates things like sleep, mood, pain, appetite and other important bodily systems.

The good news is you can address an ECS deficiency by taking phyto- or plant-based, cannabinoids. CBD is one of these, and it is non-intoxicating — you can get relief, without getting high. It does get complex though, because we all have unique genetics, and different brands have different strengths. It takes some investigation to find out what CBD is ideal for your needs. So let’s take a closer look.

How long does CBD need to work?

Sometimes we expect medicine to be a magic bullet. And occasionally one dose of aspirin will immediately kill off a headache. But for chronic conditions, have you noticed that health care professionals will tell you how important it is to completely finish your prescription, all the way? 

The same principal may be at work with CBD oil. Whether you’re using CBD to help with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation or some other condition, it may take several weeks of consistent dosing to see the positive effects you are hoping for. 

What’s the right dose of CBD for anxiety disorders and other conditions? The truth is, it’s going to be different for everyone, and you can’t know for sure what’s going to work best for you until you try it.  

Tips on consuming CBD oil for anxiety

When you’re anxious, you just want to find a way to take the edge off. Throughout history, people have found some really unhealthy ways to do this, with substances that are literally toxic. Alcohol is one that has caused a lot of damage, and a lot of the pharmaceuticals that get dispensed are as destructive to health and well being.  

The great thing about CBD oil consumption for anxiety: It’s non-intoxicating. You can relax, without getting completely numb, much less obliterated. But CBD treatment takes a little experimentation. You want to find the right cannabinoid concentration, and test the efficiency of CBD for you. And as noted, this could take a few weeks of trying one brand and method, seeing how it goes, then trying another, if necessary. The good news: It’s an organic medicine, and if you’re buying a certified brand, you can be confident it’s clean and potent.  

To find what works for you:

  • Decide if you need immediate relief. If so, vaping is fastest (we recommend dry herb vaping) followed by an under-the tongue tincture that will hit the bloodstream almost as fast as a vape.
  • If the pain is localized in a joint or muscle, consider a topical, which will also give fast relief.
  • For conditions like insomnia or anxiety, a capsule or gummy might work well. You won’t get immediate relief, but it will be long lasting. 
  • Commit to staying with your CBD regimen for at least a few weeks, so you give your body the time to get used to the medicine at levels that will be therapeutic. 
  • Be a patient with patience. If you don’t get the results you were expecting, try another brand / method. 

Final thoughts

Scientists long ago noticed that we have a specific response to stressful situations: It’s called our fight or flight instinct. Faced with conflict, we typically want to put up our dukes, or sprint the other way as fast we can. 

In modern life though, it’s not always possible to run out of the office, or beat up the waiter when a restaurant meal isn’t quite up to our standards. 

Yet for most of us, there are dozens of situations every day when we feel anxious. The key is how do we cope with these fight-or-flight instigators day in and day out, in ways that really work for us, and not against us. Drinking is socially acceptable, but over time, it takes a toll on your liver and heart. Pharma drugs are unpredictable and can be downright scary in terms of side effects. 

CBD oil for anxiety has a good safety profile, and we know we have an endocannabinoid system that needs cannabinoids for us to stay in balance. 

Bottom line: It might be time to try some certified CBD.