Gummies are trending, for good reason

Gummies Are Trending, For A Good Reason

Cannabis edibles are all the rage, according to a recent story in the New York Times

It makes sense, in this year of unthinkable things, to see widespread adoption of a sugary treat as a delivery mechanism for both cannabis and CBD. Remember the knowing nod when anyone mentioned brownies? So cool, and discreet, to get stoned without the tell-tale clouds of aromatic smoke. 

Fast forward to 2020 and edibles are no joke, now that we’re living in the vortex of doom. Anxiety has infected us all, and the trend toward self-care and wellness has a new urgency to it. Cannabis has always been a relaxant, but with COVID-19 galloping free across the land, who wants to contaminate their lungs with smoke, or vapor, especially after last summer’s explosion of vape-related illness?

So it’s not a surprise that more people are trying cannabis edibles, and liking them. Gummies, chocolates, and even whole cannabis-infused dinner parties — as discussed in this podcast episode with Rob Meija — are fun and tasty ways to take the harsh edge off the current unpleasantness. Without putting your lungs at risk, or advertising that you are now ingesting cannabis. 

A caveat: If you’re a rookie in the edibles game, go low and slow. Find some mints or sublingual strips, or cut that 10 mg gummy into fourths and start at 2.5 mg. 

If you don’t want any THC at all, but still want to put a dent in your anxiety, many people are turning to CBD gummies.

CBD gummies allow for a controlled and precise dose of CBD, without the need to swallow a tincture, which can sometimes taste grassy. We recommend these CBD gummies from U.S. Hemp Authority-approved brands.