Eight ways to benefit from dry herb vaping

Welcome to the age of the dry herb vaporizer. More people are switching to dry herb vaping; it’s a device whose time has come.

Why? Because day after day, our bodies are under assault. Often our lungs are on the front lines, fending off airborne pathogens (COVID is on the loose!) and feeding us the oxygen we need to keep going. These lungs are precious, so we want to limit activities that might be harmful to them, like smoking. 

Fortunately modern technology has delivered an alternative to inhaling smoke as the preferred way to instantly medicate with cannabis — including high-CBD flower that doesn’t get you high, if that’s your preference. Here are eights ways dry herb vaping can benefit your health. 

You’re not inhaling smoke. 

Smoking is one of those really bad habits; it kills 480,000 people per year, or 1,300 per day. Besides death, smoking results in a lot of pain and suffering, including cardiovascular disease, lung injuries and heart failure. This is why so many smokers have ditched tobacco products and switched to vaping. 

This is true for cannabis smoke too: When you dry herb vape, you are inhaling the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, without the soot, ash, tar and carcinogens you get from the combustion of plant material, or the aerosolized solutions you get with pen-style and vape mods. With dry vaping you get just the steamy trichomes and resins of the plant, the way Mother Nature intended. Your mouth, nose, throat and lungs will thank you, and so will the rest of your body. 

Your weed goes further. 

When you heat your cannabis up — but don’t set it on fire — it gives off vapor slowly, rather than all at once. As a result, dry herb vaping means you get more hits per nug. You can also use precision temperature control to determine which terpenes and cannabinoids you activate, so you can dial in the intensity of your high. 

Your buds taste better when you dry vape.   

When you light dry herb plant material on fire you’re going to get a rush of carbon, soot and ash. Not so when you heat those trichomes and resins to a boil: You get the full flavor of your dry herb’s aromatic terpenes, not the harsh smoke of combustion. You’ll also discover that different temperatures unlock different flavors. With dry vaping you have more control over your cannabis experience.  

Dry herb vaping is easier to conceal.

State by state, cannabis laws are changing. You may be in a state where it’s medically and/or recreationally legal, but there are still times you still want to keep your cannabis habit on the down low. Smoking weed is telltale; the smoke lingers and smells, in the air on and on your clothes. Vapor dissipates quickly and doesn’t stink. And you don’t have to create flame, just turn on your dry herb vaporizer, and hit it. Then put it back in your pocket and no one’s the wiser. In a word, dry herb vaping is discreet.   

It’s more economical to dry vape.

A dry herb vaporizer can be an investment on the front end; it’s easy to spend $100 to $300 for a decent vaping device. But you stretch your herb by not torching it. More hits per nug means fewer trips to the dispensary and more cash in your pocket. You can also save your already been vaped (ABV) plant material to make edibles, and thus extend your cannabis budget even further. 

Dry vaping is perfect for microdosing.

Not everyone wants to get planetary every time they use cannabis. Say you want to stay productive and slightly lift your mood; inhaling allows you to titrate your dose one hit at a time, without the all-in commitment required when you take edibles. With your dry herb vaporizer, you can manage your cannabis experience. And many people report they get a clearer, sharper high through dry herb vaping. 

Drying vaping CBD is a good option for immediate relief.

Sometimes you want to take the edge off your anxiety and relax a bit. You might be taking CBD for insomnia, pain and inflammation, or some other condition. When you want immediate relief, putting some high-CBD flower into your dry herb vaporizer — then into your lungs and bloodstream — is a way to get it into you fast, without fillers or additives.   

It’s a new twist on an old ritual. 

There’s something comforting about the ritual of smoking. It’s an ancient method of getting cannabis medicine (or tobacco) into your lungs and ultimately your bloodstream. But we’ve learned it’s not the healthiest way to do this, and now we have the technology to deliver a more customized cannabis experience. 

Dry herb vaping makes more sense. At 4:20 or whenever, you still take a bud of your favorite cannabis flower (or something new) sit down and grind it, pack it into your device, take a hit and pass it to your friends — although maybe not in the age of COVID. It’s a familiar ritual, and now you can do it in a way that has less downside, and more upside. 

For instant relief, without the exposure to toxic smoke, dry herb vaping is the way to go. 

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