Essential information about Cloudious9

There’s nothing quite like the Hydrology9. The flagship product from Cloudious9 provides a completely integrated portable liquid filtration system, at a reasonable price. They’ve since added the super-portable Atomic9, which combines the advantages of conduction and convection heating.
, Cloudious9

The basics

  • Unique design
  • Affordable price points
  • Water filtration is smooth and adds a dimension of fun




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Key benefitsOptimized for a truly unique vaping experiencePatent-pending dual-layer technology in the palm of your hand

What we like about Cloudious9

The Cloudious9 team of designers and engineers set out to combine three elements: their own knowledge from outside the orthodox limits of the vaping industry; their shared drive to innovate; and an obsessive focus on aesthetic design. In other words, they were determined to push the limits of what was possible with dry herb vaporizers. Theu have, and they continue to develop innovative new designs.