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“We’ve gotten these into the hands of a lot of professional skateboarders, snowboarders, action sport, guys and gals. Yeah, we’ve got two ex-NFL players that are tired of just being told to take drugs, essentially, you know, people are ready for something new.”

— Michael Easton

A CBD-infused bath bomb with a hemp CBD joint inside? Who would have thought? Brother-and-sister team Sarah Easton and Michael Easton, that’s who. They’ve made the end-of-day bath ritual even better. The Soak and Toke is their inspired creation, and that’s what we’re talking about in this episode.  It’s a step up for self-care from the Creative Bath Design team. Listen and learn:

  • How the idea of a CBD-infused was born
  • The challenges of bringing a CBD product to market
  • Sarah and Michael’s advice for other hemp entrepreneurs
  • What else is on the drawing board for  the founders of Creative Bath Design

Transcript of podcast with Michael Easton and Sarah Easton, Creative Bath Design

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Kannaboom 0:00

Have you tried CBD in your bath? Brother and sister team Sarah Easton and Michael Easton have built a business called Creative Bath Design, and their lead off product is a CBD bath bomb with a nice twist — once it dissolves, this bath bomb gives up a CBD hemp pre roll joint — naturally they call it the Soak and Toke and it's a pretty amazing wellness product. I've tried it myself and I have to say that it makes for a super-relaxing bath experience, which at the end of the day is always a good thing. Sarah and Michael have built a nicely differentiated business in a market that's crowded with companies providing capsules, tinctures and balms. How did they do it and what's next? That's what we're diving into in this episode. If you like the podcast, please subscribe at Apple podcasts or Stitcher or your favorite podcast player and please leave a review so other people can find the show. And if you liked this episode please share it with friends so we can help grow the movement. Thanks to our producer Danny in Milwaukee, and here's my interview with Sarah Easton and Michael Easton. Cannabis is booming and Kannaboom is on it. Welcome to the Kannaboom Podcast, where we interview experts on the changing story of humans, health and hemp. From San Diego, here's your host, Tom Stacey.

Hey it's Tom, we're back with the Kannaboom podcast, and really excited this week to have Sarah and Michael Easton of Creative Bath Design. Hey guys how are you?

Michael Easton 1:13

How's it going?

Sarah Easton 1:14

Hey Tom, good.

Kannaboom 1:15

You guys sent some great samples of a bath bomb you make, and we dropped it in the bath and enjoyed it a lot but tell us about the company and your mission and how you got started.

Sarah Easton 1:24

So we're Creative Bath Design and we started, we just launched this company last year. Mike and I are brother and sister, from San Diego, and we both worked in the cannabis industry — especially Mike — for over 10 years, from all different, you know, production, distribution. My brother has innovated some really cool products and so really excited to do this one together. It's been developed for about two years now and we also have partner Rob who handles all the sculpting and such and we launched with the Soke and Toke I think was in November.

Michael Easton 2:12

Yeah Black Friday I think is yeah, was our actual official launch day.

Kannaboom 2:16

So it's a really innovative product for people who haven't heard of it. It comes with a little CBD joint inside.

Michael Easton 2:23


Kannaboom 2:23

How did you guys ideate that, where did that idea come from?

Michael Easton 2:27

Well, I guess, long story short, Robert our sculptor was working with another bath bomb company and he was trying to get her to do some kind of collaboration and she was kind of dragging her feet on doing anything CBD-related and we just kind of spoke and we're like 'let's just do it yourself.' He already knew how to make all the molds and honestly there was just one of those things there was nothing that really led up to deciding to put a pre roll inside the bath bomb, it was just kind of how can we do this any different than what's already on the market. People are already putting, you know, trinkets and stuff inside of bath bombs, and we figured if we could figure out a way to put a pre roll inside that would be you know something needs something different and it was really just just kind of — there was nothing that really led up to it there was nothing I saw that kind of prompted it. It was just honestly we were talking about it and it just popped up — let's put a joint in the middle — and it was like 'Can we do that? Sure,' and that was really it. And then it was just developing it, figuring out how to how to do it, how to make the structure of the bath bomb strong enough to hold in the middle of it and not crumble, and you know the mix and there's tons of bath bomb mixtures out there and it was just basically figuring out how to construct it so it would hold and obviously it not get wet. Sarah can attest to, you know, a lot of people just still don't even wrap their brain around the fact that there's a joint in the middle of it. People we've been dealing with for like a year, vendors that have purchased it you know for wholesale, just people that have been following us on Instagram for like a year it's like they hear it and they see 'oh there's a joint inside,' and they don't know. I guess they think it's in the bag or they think it's a joke or no, I don't think it's in the bag like they just don't really understand, like 'Wait a minute it gets wet, how's a joint inside?' And then it kind of dawns on most of them, half of them, you know 'Oh it's in a tube?' Or something.

Kannaboom 4:41

It's sort of an experiential product, right? I mean it looks great, it looks like a giant marijuana leaf and then there's some fun involved, you toss it in and just watch it fizz out and then there's that almost like a test tube right?

Michael Easton 4:54

Yeah it's really they're just they're tubes that they manufacture to put cartridges in. They were early cartridge holders before all the big packaging and boxes and everything came out like the cartridges just used to come in those tubes and we got a super good deal on like 20,000 of them or something like a year or two ago. We're just kind of holding them knowing that you know that was going to be the delivery method for the pre roll at some point and then just figuring out working around it the right size. Obviously it's like a leaf like you said and all, well not all, I think maybe like 99% of the other bath bombs, you know, are spherical. You might get some other shapes so that was a big part of, you know, doing some different things. The sculptor, Robert, he was working with another lady and she was doing all these crazy monster faces and like seashells and moons and stuff like that and so it was just kind of he had already had a sculpture of a leaf and it was like well let's just make that into a bath bomb. OK, can we fit this tube in the middle? Yeah, but it was definitely, it was definitely tricky, figuring out the mix that didn't, you know, because you're putting something in the middle it's going to compromise the integrity of the whole thing, it has a tendency to want to crumble and obviously you're getting shipped and bashed around so it took six months or something, nine months to just figure out a bath bomb recipe that you know you could bang on a desk and it's not gonna break. Yeah that was, yeah that was definitely a tricky part.

Kannaboom 6:30

Yeah it holds up well and then you guys have varieties right.

Sarah Easton 6:33

We actually have three, so we have the signature product which we call the Soak and Toke which has the pre roll, it comes in eucalyptus mint jasmine and lavender. Eucalyptus mint is light green, the lavender is pink and jasmine's a light yellow. And then we also did just the CBD-infused version because all the, you know, the pre roll is fabulous of course, but there's 350 milligrams of high-quality CBD isolate mixed into the bath bomb, so an extreme dose of medicine. Also 25 milligrams of high-quality CBG, so a lot of people don't even know about yet, it's a lot more expensive so there's a smaller dose but combined 375 milligrams of isolate, so the CBD with the Soak and Toke inside the Soak and Toke has all that medicine. We also did just a CBD-infused, so there's also the leaf bath balm, there's no pre roll but it still has the 375 milligrams of isolate of the CBD and CBG, so not everybody smokes, as we know where we offer them at the sell at the same price point. For now we only offer the CBD infused without the joint in the eucalyptus mint but we are just kind of like we were really testing that one and to see we knew that the Soak and Toke was the one people would really be interested in, and curious about, but it turns out of course there's there's heavy interest and as that interest grows we hope to launch the CBD only and the other in the other scents, the lavender and the jasmine.

Kannaboom 8:18

People forget maybe that the skin is the largest organ in your body, right? So you can absorb a lot of CBD — that's a huge dose. How much of that are we assimilating when we get in that bath, do you know?

Michael Easton 8:28

You know, from the research that I've done, I mean bioavailability via the skin is, there's kind of like different schools of thought on it. I've seen what it does for people and you know I've had plenty of people, you know, report what it does for them and I've read things online research experiences but to measure the actual bioavailability of it i don't know that there's an exact test that, you know, they can say like if you put this much in and you sit. Because there's so many variables. Basically, how hot the water is, the person's body type, there's just, I think it's just too many variables to really say. So I guess that kind of points to why we went with a bigger dose. You know a lot of the bath bombs on the market are 10 milligrams, 25 milligrams. I think the most we could find was maybe 300 or 325 and as we all know you know in the industry there's a lot of a lot of companies out there just putting something on a package and they did a test and 80% or 90% of the products didn't even have you know 50% of what they said they had. So we really wanted to make sure, like OK, if we're going to put this out we're going to put a big dose in it, we're gonna put what we're saying on the packaging, you know, keep that proper and legitimate and with have, you know, the knowledge that if it's a proper big dose it's going to met, it's going to serve its purpose and there will be efficacy with that. And that's what we found. So, you know, it's hard to say, I think there's just a lot of variables, you know, a person's size, their weight, how long they soak in it. I don't think I've ever really heard any negative effects. I don't think you can overdose on CBD. So it's safe as far as, you know, as far as I've seen or read, but hopefully, you know, with time here, there'll be more more ways to you know, efficient link does a product for the bioavailability through your skin. Right, we're quite there yet, but...

Kannaboom 10:45

Well, then you've got the pre roll too. So that's got another added dose.

Michael Easton 10:50

Add another added dose. Exactly, yeah.

Kannaboom 10:53

You mentioned CBG. Which Yeah, most people are unaware of. But that's like the mother of all cannabinoids. I think it's the precursor. Yeah.

Michael Easton 11:00

Yeah, it's a, I guess the plant produces that, and then produces the other cannabinoids out of that, or they saw now. Yeah, like you said, it's the precursor, cannabinoid.

Kannaboom 11:10

With anti-inflammatory properties.

Michael Easton 11:13

Yeah, there's definitely a handful of different medicinal properties. It was, again, just wanting to try and you know, innovate and do something that's just a little different. You know, combine that with the dose with the pre roll, and we're trying to just bring something that's, you know, that's gonna help people and as, I guess, a certain amount of value, you know, people are, it's hard times right now, for a lot of people and we want to give people a proper product that, you know, they're getting, they're getting their dollars worth.

Kannaboom 11:43

Good timing, because I think a lot more people in the last year were taking baths than before, I mean, we've all been looking for ways to kind of relax and this sure fits the bill for that in terms of giving people a little opportunity to get some luxury at home and relax. So that's nice. I was gonna ask if you have a typical customer what do you hear from your customers?

Sarah Easton 12:06

Oh, man. The feedback overall has been quite overwhelming. Countless people have said or users of their product, 'I've never slept that well. I've never had a back that great, I've never been so relaxed,' which is all phenomenal, obviously. All types of backgrounds. Um, we definitely have some regular customers that have some, you know, heavier kind of medical stuff they're dealing with, whether it's M.S. We've got clients, we've got sorry, customers that are going through their treatments, whether it be for cancer, and other degenerative disease and I'm trying I'm trying to think there's a sorry, we have had a lot of teachers and and you know, other professionals that have been super stressed working at home. And so that's been really wonderful to learn and hear about people that have been really really stressed out working at home, their work environments shifting, and having a hard time relaxing, or getting a good night's sleep. I know myself personally like I do a lot of acupuncture and massage and a lot of that for stuff I have going on with my body. And then I have been unable to do as much and so that's come up a lot like people's kind of like regular self care routines that have been shifted, whether it's because they're unavailable or it's been a shift financially or whatever those things are. And it's been really wonderful to hear how many people have been able to rely on this for extra support. at home. Also some you know, a little bit more skeptical. Like first time users of CBD, and that's always really wonderful to hear. For those of us that like to have the experience or or believe in medicine firsthand and to be able to kind of go on that journey with friends and and strangers that again have been skeptical, or just haven't had the opportunity. Feels really amazing. So relaxation, the best bath, the best night's sleep I always suggest before bed so you really are relaxed and you're kind of shut down from your day to really get the full experience and benefits.

Michael Easton 14:53

We've had a couple of people say it lasts, you know, I've had people say it lasts up to like two days. People that I've had, you know, no mobility and their joints and, you know, they use it and they say the pain relief, you know, everything good common denominators, you know, pain, people that have different types of pain and aches, whether it's, you know, like she said, from whatever type of treatment or whatever, ailment could bring pain or issue could bring pain. And it seems that that's been a common thread, you know, people that have some kind of issue with any kind of aches or pains have, you know, it's defaulted a bit different levels, you know, like I said, some have said, it's, you know, it lasted for 45 minutes, and to help me move my shoulder for a half hour up to, you know, it lasted for two days, and I could move my elbow for two days, when I hadn't hardly been able to move it for, you know, a couple of years. So it's pretty across the board, as far as the, you know, again, kind of goes back to the person how they use it, their body type, but we're trying to put that dose in there so that we can, you know, hit those hit those levels and the efficacy that we want people to experience that, like she said, are skeptical or haven't tried it.

Sarah Easton 16:06

Yeah, I've had a few people like don't know or don't believe it's been. I've had several people like looking to support their parents or like older relatives that again, are very skeptical or that are that don't have zero to no experience, even with THC is another option. And I would say like 90% of the people that I've introduced the product to have come back and reordered or tried again and have shared, have shared the product with someone else, which is really amazing. That's also a really great gift. So we've had a lot of that a lot of repeat, like people sending them to others and really sharing their experience, whether it be with a gift note or, or a message with a product, which is really nice.

Kannaboom 17:00

You sell the product online, is it in stores, too?

Sarah Easton 17:02

Yeah, we sell direct to consumers through our website, we have an online store, which is great. And then we you know, really getting through the launch and like working out all those details and kinks of launching a business, we really just now are paying a little bit more attention and focusing a little bit more on wholesale. We are in I would say just shy of 10 stores, predominantly in Southern California, we're in some stores, why we're now in New Orleans. And we 're getting out there so yeah, so definitely wholesale. But just kind of working our way towards that.

Kannaboom 17:45

Do you guys have experience in that channel? Or is this all are you learning as you go? Yeah,

Michael Easton 17:51

I definitely have some definitely have some experience in the wholesale. I launched another product in 2014 that was more of like, an edible THC product, basically. But that kind of brought a bit of that experience, you know, getting a product out. Definitely on. I mean, I was just pretty much solo at that point, just doing it. So to have my sister on and kind of, you know, helping direct things and our other partners, it's not just me and you know, a delivery person kind of handling everything. It's definitely stepped it up a level but I definitely you know, we definitely have some experience getting stuff out and launching.

Kannaboom 18:38

For a lot of the listeners who might be thinking, you know, 'I'd like to get into this space as an entrepreneur,' there's always, it's always easier said than done. You have a great idea, but boy there's so many details that have to be nailed down. I noticed you guys have a real nice presentation. The product is sealed in a really tight, like you said, watertight enclosure with a special surprise inside. But then the kind of swag that came with it you guys had a little facemask and some other stuff that really added to the kind of specialness of it.

Michael Easton 19:09

Yeah, that was you know, that was all basically Sarah, you know, we she decided or we kind of we decided to group, but it was her you know, spearheading the idea of rather than you know, just paying one company to advertise on like say a website or whatnot or print ad put some of those dollars towards you know, doing some nice, nice products to give out and just you know, do like the gift box kind of press kit vibe in that people have been really happy with it. All this stuff came out great. It's fun to open. Everyone's had a great time I think doing the unboxings and getting the packages and I know she's had some, some really good feedback from people just receiving them as gifts even just being you know, what everyone's dealt with in the last year. Excuse me, you know, getting a cool box with some with some nice stuff in it in a nice message that just says, hey you know, thanks and you know, thinking about you, something like that you know it's just some people that really think it was really like a great thing they just got that they weren't necessarily expecting it. So you know definitely it's definitely a great idea on her part to kind of present it that way.

Kannaboom 20:18

Yeah the intentional kind of specialness of it that stands out. It's really it really stands out

Michael Easton 20:23

Big shout out to the designer for sure, designer Rachel from Hawaii, she crushed it on all the design work it's like you said it's a lot, I mean launching launching any company and doing it properly is yeah it's it's a lot of stuff, there's a lot of, a lot of different things I's that need to be dotted and T's that need to be crossed and do it legally and with the corporation and etc. etc., the bank account, it's yeah it's a lot of stuff and you know there is we do need more a lot more good people in the industry you know people like you mentioned you know people wanting to get into the space you know encourage other people to get into it and bring you know bring a good vibe and good products to the industry. You know we certainly need it and people need the medicine that I for sure believe 100%.

Kannaboom 21:14

Were there obstacles? You mentioned like compliance and the legality, I mean they're still talking — recently delta 8 has been this big topic but lately what i'm hearing is it's not legal the way CBD is. Were there any special things you had to do with the lawyers and stuff to make sure that you were a bona fide legitimate product?

Michael Easton 21:34

Well, I mean the product we purchased we purchased only through vendors that have COA, as you know, certificates of analysis, so we know we're getting a solid product that's been analyzed and it is what it is and there's no adulterants or anything else added to it. Shy of that, with a topical product, which we're considered it's not something someone's ingesting there's just, I guess, within the industry that's kind of a line that's been drawn it seems like. So with the FDA and CBD and companies that are selling products that people are eating or drinking for example, that's kind of opens up a whole other can of worms because then you know you're eating it you're drinking a FDA is involved now pretty much that's why you can go to CVS or Vons and you can find CBD topicals, they're just they're there on the shelf, you know. I think having a legitimate product that you've done all the work on to bring to be available I don't, I don't want to say that's enough because there's a lot of people out there that are selling products that you know aren't legitimate and they may be on a shelf but i guess what I'm saying is you know we've done all the due diligence on our end to bring a proper product to the market and have it be effective and because it's not regulated right now we are in this kind of in between space I guess you could call it that's been that's been good enough for you know people to feel safe with it shops to carry it and so until we have any more you know kind of regulatory stuff out there I think we're just we're in the safe right now yeah less.

Sarah Easton 23:36

But always prepared that that could change, that's what really difficult about this industry is it's constantly changing.

Kannaboom 23:45

Yeah, well and there's the popularity of CBD, it just exploded, I mean, yeah in the past three four years it became...

Michael Easton 23:52

Yeah everybody's crazy, the price dropped significantly it was I think you know it's dropped times, the price has gone down, you know, tenfold in the last like year you know just for the raw product.

Sarah Easton 24:07

Since we did our first launch some of our material prices have come down too.

Michael Easton 24:16

Yeah. With that said you know we hope to, my hope would certainly be to be able to you know make it more affordable to people as the price on the raw materials keep coming down make you know put more medicine in it like we're here to do that for sure. I'd love to be able to do you know a 1,000 milligram bath bomb, I think that'd be great. You know, 1000 milligrams bam you know 25 bucks or something and just really give people you know give people you know proper medicine for like I said, for you know, for their hard-earned money.

Kannaboom 24:52

Yeah. And you guys went with an isolate. Was there a thinking, not full-spectrum or broad spectrum?

Michael Easton 25:01

I guess from just the research I've done, it seemed like the broad spectrum stuff was more geared towards edible or consumable products. Because it is a topical product, I wasn't able to really justify or find enough solid information out there about using full spectrum products versus isolate and the efficacy of like a topical product. So that Yeah, that was kind of why we steer that way to use isolate, it dissolves easily. And it just seemed like the way to go versus like a full-spectrum or any kind of distillate or anything like that. And, you know, as you know, in the future, we may add more cannabinoids to it, we could add CBN to it, potentially CBD, we've got the CBG and just kind of keep making the product better.

Kannaboom 25:57

Interesting. Yeah. CBN can help people sleep and like you said, kind of a bedtime routine.

Michael Easton 26:02

And then we start having more of that entourage effect with you know, now it's not just CBD, you know, we've got the CBD, the CBD, we can get a little CBN in there. I think there's potentially enough THC, although it's under the legal limit to possibly trigger that, you know, that entourage effect in the in the person's body. So yeah, that's that's what we'll be working towards kind of just making the product better and innovating it as much as you know, as soon as we can.

Kannaboom 26:29

Do you guys see yourself developing other products beyond this?

Sarah Easton 26:32

Yeah, always our love, a few we had a few goals always right, right from the jump and not to expand the CBD bath products. So we've already since the bath bombs, we also carry bath salts. So it's the same ingredients. With the isolates and everything. It's just at least form. So we do sell those in all three flavors. We're also currently developing a THC version. We're in the process of our work, we're pretty well there. We're, we're pitching some prototypes to a few companies, we're really excited about that. And again, because that's crossing back over into the world of THC. And we're looking to partner with a license and established company already. So that's the whole thing. So we've been working on that quite quite a bit recently. So we're really excited about that. And we definitely want to expand and do just a few other products. We're not trying to do a million but like a few like a good solid, like body butter lotion type of thing. That's kind of next after the THC version, which will still have the same amount of CBD and CBG isolates, but the pre roll will be THC flower.

Kannaboom 28:05

So you've kind of proved the concept. You've proved the viability of it. And it seems to me you're almost positioned as a kind of a luxury brand. I mean, there's some really big names, you know, so for companies like that, who want to bring CBD and other cannabinoids, into people's medicine, chest and bathroom and into the bath like you guys have done?

Sarah Easton 28:26

Yeah, yeah, it's, it is but we, we never, I think what really separates us is like anyone can make, you know, beautiful packaging or brand image or whatever. And it was really important to us to have something that presents well, of course, but to be able to keep the price down because like Mike said, there's there are other CBD bath bombs out there that are, you know, 50 milligrams, and some you know, they're they retail twice what we do, and so we, we know we're going to change some things in the market and being able to have this like really high quality, high dose of medicine, that's beautiful, great packaging and branding, but that's affordable. That's always been our number one priority is to be able to bring these products to people that yeah, maybe they're a little bit skeptical with CBD or they haven't tried it but that they're willing to give it a shot. It's not going to totally break the bank. And, you know, hopefully the results are what brings them back.

Kannaboom 29:33

Absolutely. I mean, we'd say it off and on the show with both CBD and THC. It's a kind of test and learn. And like you said, there's always variables. People have different genetics, they have different weight. Maybe you had a hard day and or an easy day. So your experience is always going to be variable, but you have to try it...

Unknown Speaker 29:50

Sure. On different medications. I mean, however, some people across the country are on some kind of crazy medicine and that's interacting with their everything and yes, definitely a lot of variables but a lot of positive a lot of really good positive feedback so far. I can't say that we've had one negative thing.

Sarah Easton 30:11

I'm hearing from a lot of people like, let's say athletes, for example. And we've gotten these into the hands of a lot of skateboard professional skateboarders, snowboarders, action sport, guys and gals. Yeah, some we've got some ex NFL, we've got two ex NFL players that are tired of just being told to take drugs, essentially, you know, people are ready for something new. And that, you know, we've both seen it firsthand. It's to give people this other option. Yeah, it's great to help them. It's great to teach people things and help kind of expand this industry. And more and more and that's been a lot of coming up a lot with me is people that are like, I don't want the opiates, you know, and I don't and eye surgery isn't an option or, and all those things that really aren't great for you. And so to be able to give people this other option and still help them, it's, that's been one of the most satisfying parts of it, for me, is to really help people without having them on, you know, on these like nasty drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are just cramming down everyone's throats, it's really good.

Kannaboom 31:37

Right? You see those ads on TV and the list of side effects is longer than the benefit of the drug. And the side effects are really nasty. So yeah, CBD if you smoke the pre roll, maybe a side effect is you relax and you giggle and then you go to sleep.

Michael Easton 31:53

We're definitely fighting the good fight. I mean, I wouldn't say I'm necessary. I mean, I guess you could consider us activists but I mean it's pretty crazy. Just being part of the industry and kind of doing this you really kind of think I really kind of think more about those types of things like okay, Big Pharma, this whole fight cannabis, cannabinoids, CBD THC, it's just a lot of people are just completely asleep to it, that it's even anything and you know, why would the pharmaceutical companies want to do anything other than help us and you know, there's great people out there and doctors and scientists but I'm not sure which reggae artists said it but I do believe that it's the healing of the nation, the plant and you know, I think they know that and you know, by the time hopefully by the time everything gets figured out and everything gets discovered it's not too late. And you know, people can still get out of it what we need to get out of it.

Kannaboom 32:55

Yeah, well I know the doctors I've talked to say there's just so much research happening on cannabis now and that'll come to fruition so you guys are right there where you can bring some of that into your product as it becomes known and people can get more targeted with what they're doing.

Sarah Easton 33:10

Yeah, it's really exciting.

Kannaboom 33:12

What is your price point and where can people find you online?

Sarah Easton 33:15

So both versions of the bath bombs, the Soak and Toke and then the CBD infused that doesn't have the joint retail for $24. And that is our webstore is CreativeBathDesign.com. So we're online. And we also have an Instagram which is at Creative Bath Design. And there's a link there in the bio as well. And then if your branding will shift we can ship to just about every state it's listed on our site. Also on our site if you're looking for the in store, experience shopping, there's an regularly updated list of like brick and mortar shops that you can purchase the bath bombs from. A couple in San Diego, greater San Diego, a couple in North County, and like she mentioned one or two in Hawaii, one in New Orleans and be planning on you know, expanding that as soon as possible.

Kannaboom 34:18

Are they like boutiques or is it like Whole Foods or what type of store would we look for?

Sarah Easton 34:23

There it's a variety like they're wearing the feelgood store in Temecula which is like a wellness store so she carries all types of different products. A bunch of CBD stuff. We are in SD CBD. Right is that the name of it? So it's more specific. You notice CBD stuff. In New Orleans where Fifi Mahoney is, which is like a beauty shop. They have like a wig store and a beauty parlour, and I have a few friends that have salons like in home salons, private salons that carry them there. So that's another great thing about this product is you kind of fit in everywhere. Like they're nice enough and pretty enough and it's a great gift. In addition to all,

Michael Easton 35:24

We're of course in a few head shops as well. Yeah. I know places where people have been getting a lot of CBD and different types of CBD products. A few head shops in North County, some of the bigger ones that have been around for a while.

Kannaboom 35:41

And then if you have a THC product, you'll be in dispensaries, I suppose.

Michael Easton 35:45

Yeah, we won't be, we won't be doing anything that's not if we, when we get to that stage out, it will be just strictly licensed and by the book. So it'll be in a licensed dispensary in California, more likely, and depending on who we partner with, etc.

Sarah Easton 36:05

Cool. Another cool thing that we're doing and looking to the future that we've been working on is we're doing a bunch of collaborative products. So Mike and I both have heavy ties in music and street art. And we thought it would be really cool to be able to partner with artists that we love, and admire. And so that's a whole program that we're kind of just now getting involved in, we're slated to do our first collaboration towards the end of May. And basically, we're inviting artists to help design a bath bomb, we can make whatever they want. And so they'll have input on that. And then we're doing something collaborative like design work packaging we do. We do these Soak and Toke playlists, we have a Spotify account, where we curate playlists for the Soak and Toke so we're really excited about what we'll do like limited runs of specific products that will be available through us and through set artists. So that'll be something cool coming down the pipes.

Kannaboom 37:11

That is cool. Again, you're supporting the experience, you know, you sit down, you play this playlist and you have this wonderful bath with a pre roll. That's a great night. Yeah. Sarah and Mike is there anything we haven't covered that we should,

Sarah Easton 37:27

I guess one more thing I would like to add is we talked about things like pain and, you know, rough time sleeping, and, and a lot of physical, you know, ailments and support that people need. And I think it's important to always remind people that these products are great, just if you've had a long day, or a little bit stressed, I feel like sometimes we get away from that, like I know from Mike and I, you know, not never does a comment or, you know, message come through to one of us, like, 'Hey, you know, I can't thank you enough, I've been struggling with this, I've been struggling with that.' And a lot of it's like very specific, again, to like a specific, you know, a specific disease or illness or injury. But not losing sight of, you know, life can be hard and you can just have a bad day and be a little bit stressed or a little bit anxious. And before you know, run out and maybe spend, you know, too much money on this or, you know, I don't know, we all we all relieve stress in different ways, right? This is a really safe and inexpensive and helpful way just to like, edge the day away. You know, and I think it's it's important to remember that like, you don't have to be, you know, going through this really gnarly kind of health thing or or or again, like injury recovery to participate in this wonderful medicine.

Kannaboom 39:14

Well said. You know, I think we all in this past year realize self care is important. So important. There's a lot of stress. I mean, you go out on the street and I wear a mask, but I know some people don't like it because they look at me with hostility. And you know, right. Should I wear a mask? Should I not wear a mask? I don't know if that gets to be a stressful thing itself. But there's so many stresses that have manifest over the last year and here's something really concrete you can do at the end of the day that's going to help you feel better so glad to help you get that message out there will tell our listeners to look you up at CreativeBathDesign.com and also on Instagram. Thanks for your time and sharing your message. I know our audience will love this one and hopefully you know we can get you back on in a year when you have a THC product.

Michael Easton 39:58

That'd be awesome.

Sarah Easton 39:59

Awesome. Thank you so much.

Kannaboom 40:01

You've been listening to the Kannaboom podcast with host Tom Stacey. If you like the show and want to know more, please check us out at Kannaboom with a k.com. And please leave us a review at Apple podcasts or wherever you listen. See you next week.