73 | Antonio Frazier, CannaSafe

“When we first started doing this, a lot of stuff was quote, unquote, dirty. You know, people don’t realize it, but the industry adjusted really quickly. The good players have really got their stuff really clean, it’s really dialed in.”

— Antonio Frazier

How do you know your cannabis is safe to consume? Consistency in production is key. So you could look for the CannaSafe logo —, 73 | Antonio Frazier, CannaSafe they help cannabis and CBD companies assure consistent quality of their products through lab testing. As the industry innovates, their work is expanding. CannaSafe president Antonio Frazier talks about how:

  • Some vape cartridge producers took shortcuts that ended up making vapers sick
  • Solvents and pesticides, when undetected, can contaminate cannabis products
  • As decriminalization approaches, we can take steps to insure social equity
  • His background as a Division 1 football player prepared him for his current role
  • Consumers can protect themselves by buying legal products that have been tested and proven safe.

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