70 | Troy Redington, 420VapeZone.com

“Everybody wants different effects from their cannabis, some people want focus, some people want to be stoned. So it kind of goes based on your intent.”
— Troy Redington

Inhaling smoke — cannabis or tobacco — is not a healthy habit. Yet smoking is the preferred method for many cannabis consumers, as it is immediate and you can control your dose, puff by puff. But there is another way. It requires a dry herb vaporizer. These come in many shapes, sizes and price points, so to learn more, we turned to Troy Redington, who runs 420VapeZone.com, a website and one of the leading vape-focused channels on YouTube. Listen to this episode and learn how dry herb vaping can:

  • Reduce the harm you’re exposed to when you inhale cannabis.
  • Enable you to stretch your cannabis budget.
  • Give you more control over your high, with less sedation and more focus.
  • Provide an innovative path forward for safe and effective cannabis consumption.

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Transcript of Podcast Episode with Troy Redington of 420VapeZone.com

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Welcome to the Kannaboom podcast, we are focused on cannabis and CBD for wellness and in each episode we talk with an expert who really knows their space. I've been curious about dry herb vaping for a long time, so I was glad to finally connect with Troy Redington of 420VapeZone.com. We met at Troy's studio in Southern California where he showed me some of his favorite vaporizers among the 300 or so he has, and we talked about the advantages of dry herb vaping. There is a harm reduction angle to this. If you've been a cannabis smoker and would rather keep smoke out of your lungs, you might want to check out dry herb vaping. Or if you want more control over your cannabis experience, and you wouldn't mind stretching your budget a little bit, you'll find some good information in the show. Whether you're a subscriber or a first time listener, please stop by and see us at Kannaboom with a k.com. We're focused on how cannabinoids and CBD can help you achieve better wellness and how to find CBD that's trusted and reliable. If you like the podcast, please subscribe. And please leave a review so other people can find the show. You can also ask your smart speaker to play the Kannaboom podcast and hopefully it'll come up. And here's my interview with Troy reddington.

Cannabis is booming, and Kannaboom is on it. Welcome to the Kannaboom podcast where we interview experts on the changing story of humans, health and hemp, from San Diego, here's your host, Tom Stacey.

Hey, it's Tom, welcome back to the Kannaboom podcast. Today, I'm really pleased to talk with Troy Redington of 420VapeZone.com. How you doing Troy?

Troy Redington 1:21

Good. How you doing today?

Kannaboom 1:22

Really good. Really glad to have this episode, because as we talked a little before we got on, there's so much misunderstanding around dry vaporizers. And you are really into it. I've never seen anybody who's as into it as you are. So really glad to connect and help our audience get educated about this. So tell us about 420 Vape Zone, how you got started and how it's going.

Troy Redington 1:45

Sure. And you're right, I am really into it. I fell in love with dry herb vapes. When I started using marijuana medicinally I started with the vape cartridges and I couldn't get the strain dosage like I was using for ADHD and I wanted a strong sativa to help me focus and I couldn't really rely on the carts. And I didn't want to go back into smoke because I have kids and family and my wife is an artist and she's always bringing professionals around and I didn't want to have the smoky smell. And I looked into dry herb vapes. And I immediately fell in love with the variety and all of the different experiences that are out there. And the impact from them that you can get more out of your marijuana and get more taste and more impact and less smell. And you can actually get high on your marijuana twice with the dry herbs you can you can vape your weed and then you can save your leftovers and eat it when you're when you collect it and just the whole season. I really, really fell in love with it.

Kannaboom 2:50

So there's a lot to unpack there. And you know one of the things you said about the cartridges you never know exactly what's in those right? I mean when you have a dry herb vaporizer, you're grinding your herbs, you know where it came from, you know, if you got at the dispensary that it's clean, no pesticides or residues, but you don't know that about a cartridge.

Troy Redington 3:09

Right? That's exactly it. And furthermore, I mean with cartridges, the more you dive into it, if you start researching where they're coming from and how they're made, they're literally being made as cheap as possible if like the people that are growing weed and turning their product into recreational or medicinal cannabis, they can get the most of their products by going cartridges. So their crop is worth the most as cartridges because all the byproducts and all the waste are often worked into the product. So there is just less of a quality and less work. So it's more profit. But it's not good for the consumer.

Kannaboom 3:50

We all remember 2019 that summer when there was a rash of vaping, the vape scare. Yeah, illnesses that people are dying. And it had been about 10 years of vaping being accepted, then all of a sudden that's not so good. Many of us have forgotten about that with the COVID scare since more than a scare the reality of it when you're vaping a flower though you're actually getting real vapor not an aerosol, which is what you're getting in a vape cartridge, right?

Troy Redington 4:19

Yeah, I mean that the terminologies are often argued and sometimes I'm not sure for the right reasons because the whole vape is a four letter word thing. But yeah, when you when you're vaping dry herb, you're choosing the strain you're choosing the nug you're taking the quality flower and you're able to have full control of it you can you can switch from vaping Blue Dream to Sour Diesel to Jack Herer's, you know just bowl to bowl, like a cartridge where you're here you're locked into a half gram or a gram of whatever it is and then oil.

Kannaboom 4:56

Can you talk about the difference between incinerating the plant material and heating it up to the boiling point.

Troy Redington 5:01

Yeah, yeah. So combustion when you spark once, your cannabis has been combusted, you're really only able to consume like 20 to 26% of the THC and active cannabinoids, the rest is all destroyed. Unless you're smoking a joint in which case the heat from the joint actually vaporizes some of the herbs in the joint. It's kind of a paper vaporizer, but when you're when you're vaporizing it with thermal extraction so when you pack your herb into a dry herb vaporizer and heat it up, you're able to extract and consume 70 to 90% of the active THC in cannabinoids, nothing gets destroyed nothing gets wasted. The cannabinoids are brought up to a boiling point in a controlled environment, it doesn't get overshot, it doesn't doesn't have any flame to ruin anything. There are no no carcinogens or no none of the benzene and other harmful and sedative effects, which is why it feels so different. A lot of times when people switch to dry or vapes, they don't feel quite as stoned. And that's because they don't have those sedatives and those benzenes, those things that you're not supposed to have. Yeah.

Kannaboom 6:17

So more of a clear and kind of sharper high. Yeah, yeah. And then you can adjust the temperature to right up and down. So tell us about that. Are you accessing different terpenes at different boiling points as you are?

Troy Redington 6:30

Yeah, completely. And that's really where the magic begins. Because, you know, the whole indica, hybrid, sativa thing is kind of bullshit. You know, I mean, they're the labels make sense. And the effects are, they're definitely correlated. But in reality, cannabis has like 120 plus different cannabinoids, and terpenes. And those different entourage effects of those combinations of terpenes. Those are really what decides how you're affected, whether it's a mental high or a sleepy high. And those terpene profiles correlate with different strains. But it's not necessarily a science. And I mean, it's a science, but each, each terpene each cannabinoid has different effects and different boiling points. So when you're taking a dry herb vape and vaping, at 370 Fahrenheit, you're limiting your experience to just the terpenes and cannabinoids that would boil off at 370 or below. So anything that is above that range stays in your product, and you don't, you know, vaporize those cannabinoids. So you can kind of customize your high if you know what those effects are.

Kannaboom 7:41

It sounds like it requires you to be a little more active in your experience. Um, so you're paying attention to what the strain does to you. And also, at the different boiling points what your experience is.

Troy Redington 7:52

a little bit, I mean, everybody is affected differently. And everybody wants different effects from their cannabis, some people want to focus, some people want to be stoned. So it kind of kind of goes in based on your intent. A lot of people do keep journals, so a lot of people do vape differently. Some some people will use certain types of vaporizers at night, because those vaporizers are more likely to remove to provide that sedated or stoney effect, because these vaporizers not only can the effect be tailored based on temperature, but each of these vaporizers also have their own kind of vaporizer signature. So, like all these vapes on the wall won't deliver the same high, even if you load them with the same weed and they've got the same temperature.

Kannaboom 8:37

Now, is that partly conduction versus convection? Or is it the airway? Or is it a combination factor? It's

Troy Redington 8:44

it's a combination, I mean, the materials definitely play a huge role. So things like glass will give you a really, really pure and clean tasting, they won't, they want to impart any flavors, and they won't mute any flavors. While materials like ceramic, sometimes will, will mute some flavors, or they'll strip some flavors, and they're really subtle. But when you're comparing a whole bunch of products with the same same cannabis, then these little subtle differences start to shine.

Kannaboom 9:14

So the deeper you get into it, the more of it sounds like wine, like you know, there are a lot of subtleties or to a good cup of espresso. I mean, there's a lot that goes into it.

Troy Redington 9:25

Really there is and that's kind of why I fell in love with it. All of the differences between them present like a labyrinth of confusion, and I like I like those types of challenges for one. And I also like helping people with those types of challenges. Like I really, really get a lot of satisfaction out of understanding all of the vaporizers and then using that understanding to help people make better decisions like I don't I don't like to see people go out and buy 10 products before finding the one that they they wanted the whole time, because then they wasted money on 10 products. I really, really, really like being able to help people find that 11th product on their first product, so they don't waste money on the first 10.

Kannaboom 10:15

Tell me about your audience, you're on YouTube and you have a website is your audience far into vaping or are they novices, or...

Troy Redington 10:21

So I initially started with just the enthusiasts. So I actually started as a vaporizer enthusiast, and I just started blogging, reviewing the vapes that I liked the most. And the vaporizer enthusiast space is kind of what built me up. And when I tackled YouTube, I became the, the, the front door man like people started coming to me when they were brand new to the scene. So I kind of became the, the guy to the go-to guy for dry herb vapes in the last couple years.

Kannaboom 10:56

that's good. Yeah. How big is your audience here?

Troy Redington 10:59

You know, YouTube is I think I just hit 37,000 subscribers.

Kannaboom 11:03

That is substantial. Yeah. Is it an active community? Do you hear from them? And they tell you what they like?

Troy Redington 11:10

Yeah, we're actually very active. We have active video sessions going on daily. There's probably 10 people in the 420 groups on Discord right now. vaping and just having a video sesh maybe they're playing video games or whatever. We have probably 2,000 people in the discord that are constantly in and out.

Kannaboom 11:34

What's that? What's the discord? Is that an online space?

Troy Redington 11:37

Yeah, Discord is an online platform. It was initially built for gamers so you can connect with other gamers and stream your games and use it for voice chat while playing video games online. But it's become more of a community platform. So now people use the Discord for chatting. If we're talking about vapes for video seshing and playing video games.

Kannaboom 12:02

You're up and down the ladder from beginners to hardcore enthusiasts.

Troy Redington 12:06


Kannaboom 12:07

What would you tell the person who's coming to fresh, how to step into this?

Oh, wow, that I would I would go into it thinking about what you want out of it. Rather than diving into making a decision right away. Like so many so many people enter the vaporizer market with the decision being made, because they'll see an ad that they'll see an ad for the Pax vaporizer. And they'll come into it and like, I want the Pax, and they'll watch my review. And my Pax review. I'm not I'm not like the other reviewers where most people talk about their Pax and say how great it is because Pax pays like 75 bucks for an affiliate commission. So of course everybody's gonna love it. As an enthusiast, I don't love the Pax, as I understand its values, but my Pax review is very much 'This is a good vape but there's a whole bunch of other vapes that can do the exact same thing for less money. And there's a whole bunch of made vapes for the same money that will do so much more.' So I treat the Pax as like an entryway into the market. And I think I think people should understand more of the market and all the different experiences that are out there before jumping in, because a lot of people will just jump in and buy vape. And then they realize, 'Oh, this isn't what I'm looking for. I want something that I can rip through a bomb, I want something that gets me high off of one hit. I don't want to vape for 10 minutes.' You know, people, people don't know that the vaping experience is kind of different. So when they jump in, they have a misunderstanding of the expectations.

So it takes a little bit of homework, a little research and some clarity on what's possible. I mean, a lot of us came to cannabis, maybe we're at school and passing a joint around in a dorm room or in circumstances where it was a different place than we're at now where we can relax in our own home or whatever. So vaping if you're not familiar with it, you can dial in your experience, you can make your flower go further. You don't have to expose yourself to adulterants, there's a lot of benefits to it. But you have to understand that before you go and make a buying decision

Troy Redington 14:28

Right now you do yeah, the vape market is still relatively young. And so many vapes are developed by people who aren't even in the cannabis industry to be honest. And that makes me sad. I mean, it doesn't, it doesn't really make me sad. And a lot of the vapes that I love to promote are one of the reasons I like to promote them is because like this person is actually an active cannabis user or they're developing a product for cannabis users rather than developing a product for a market. You know, because I've consulted with a lot of these vape companies they've hired me and they paid me a lot of money. And they still didn't listen to my advice because my advice was geared towards making a vaporizer for vaporizer users. And they're more interested in making a vaporizer that sells like the Paxs. You know, they want volume, they don't, they don't care about what the vape user wants or what the cannabis industry needs for a vaporizer. They're more about what's going to sell in a headshop. So, right, it's a really big mismatch and I'm trying to fight that. Yeah, I want to fight that.

Kannaboom 15:32

Yeah. Different people want different things, but for a beginner, is there an ideal place to start

Troy Redington 15:37

Right now there. I mean, there are, but all of all of those ideal places to start often come with asterisks. So, like this little vape that I set in front of you this Dynavap Vapcap it's one of my favorite starter vapes. It's one of my favorite first-time vapes. A lot of people when they consume cannabis, especially when they're looking for a vaporizer, they're not looking to consume a lot. Like a lot of people first are looking for a vaporizer so they can microdose their cannabis and the Dynavap Vapcap will work off of like point 05 gram, or even point one five grams. So it's, it's a small amount. It's simple to use. And you can get all of the desired effects from it. You can get medicated off a small amount. And it's less than $100. So if you are unhappy with it, you're not out 300 bucks, you're not out of a car payment. You're, you know, it's a pretty small investment. And it's a vaporizer that's made in America that will last a lifetime. It's made out of stainless steel. simple to use. Torch powered.

Kannaboom 16:38

Yeah, no, no battery required. So not much of a learning curve, as you say. And I mean, I guess you could do it with a Bic lighter.

Troy Redington 16:45

You can, it just takes longer. I mean you could light it with a fireplace or a stove or I like the induction devices. But even then the Vapcap isn't a natural migration of experience. So when you take somebody that knows how to smoke and knowing how to smoke isn't really a thing that keeps that in mind. Like, you know, you don't you don't have to learn to smoke weed. You might have to learn how to roll a joint or you might not know how to pack your bowl, right? But for the most part, it's kind of straightforward figured out. Vaping isn't like that, like I saw you when you picked up that Vapcap me you you kind of figured out that it's kind of like a one hitter but you know enough to know that it's not. Yeah, vapes vapes don't translate directly. And that's one of the big problems and I think the vape industry, the people that are making vapes still have some progress to make. And this one, this other one that I set up this Terp Torch. As awkward and dangerous as it is, it's one of my favorites for sharing for a first timer. Because most people are familiar with ripping a bong you know, you put your mouth over the bong piece. And you hold a lighter to it and you inhale hard and fast. Yeah, this is kind of the same way to inhale a bunch of air and the Terp Torch, pumps hot air through your bowl as you inhale. And it cranks out a big cloud of vapor that everybody's kind of expecting, you know, I think, I think when you hand somebody a dry your vape, and they hit it and they don't get any vapor. I see the look of computing and like, they're like, oh, it tastes nice. And they just kind of like, 'Oh, I guess this is how vaping is. Sometimes you get a little vape or sometimes you don't?'

Yeah, I mean, there are a lot of nuances to it that are going to vary by the device , maybe by the flower. There's a lot to go into any session, I guess. So. Do you have favorites? I mean, you have kind of literally dozens of vaporizers here.

I think I have about 300. Yeah, I have favorites. I use the Mighty daily. So the Storz and Bickel Mighty. It's the bigger version of that one there the Crafty Plus. I use it because it's simple and easy to frequent. Like I can, I can take this Mighty, and I can make three bowls in a row. And I can keep it going , I can vape and when it's done with the bowl, I can unload it and load another one and keep it going. Or I can pocket it and it will do that all day for me and I don't have to recharge it every single day or every four hours. So this is why I use this vape.

Kannaboom 19:32

They make the Volcano right?

Troy Redington 19:34

They do. Yes. And it's like the Volcano vapor, just out of my pocket.

Kannaboom 19:39

This isn't a history show but the Volcano was at the very first, it probably wasn't the first, but it was the famous vaporizer?

Troy Redington 19:46

Yeah, it's one of the most famous it's been around for 20 years now. I think they had their 20 year anniversary this year.

Kannaboom 19:52

The whole point of it is using your lungs as a delivery mechanism for you know, medicine which — people have smoked about for probably hundreds of years, if not thousands, so we always knew that, that it was a way to get things into your bloodstream. But there's probably still some resistance out there to the idea that you're delivering medicine through your lungs.

Troy Redington 20:15

There is I mean, there's, there's always, there's always that type of resistance. And I think vapes have been around for that matter, almost as long as you know, smoking thick. So, like I think they have, they have a history of vaping like in cuneiform like some sort of vaporizer that they were vaping hash with, in the BC times.

Kannaboom 20:40

Really? Technically, how would you do that? Like a hash under glass? Or

Troy Redington 20:44

I think they were making hash, and burying it or covering it with hot rocks, really? Or something like that? knows, just standing there inhaling?Yeah, I forget what the specifics are. But I know it's been around for a long time, especially with the hash like the traditional hashish.

Kannaboom 21:02

Yeah. I mean, there's been an explosion in technology in the last 20 years. So there's all these different form factors. That's the thing about it. I mean, you have short squat ones, yeah. tall, skinny ones. You can make any kind of form factor, apparently.

Troy Redington 21:17

Yeah. And I think we're really on the cusp of the next breakthrough as well. Like, I think right now, especially with dry herb vapes, we're still stuck in the previous interface of vaping, where you load a small bowl and vape at it for five to 10 minutes. And I think I think we're about to break through to a point where the experience is more familiar with smoking, where you load a small amount, you vape it once, and it's gone. And you're high. And I think that's, that's the pivot point. I think that's, that's when we can cross the line. And I think I think once we leave the vape word behind, I think I think we can, we can change the world.

Kannaboom 22:01

You talk about paradigms, and you know, smoking is a paradigm, like you said, Everyone knows how to do it, you're gonna light it and suck it vaping is a little more involved, you're concerned about the temperature, you may or may not get a big cloud, the taste is going to vary according to the temperature. You're talking about a sort of new paradigm where it's more of a smoking-like experience.

Troy Redington 22:22

Yeah, I'm moving towards making vaping consistent, getting rid of some of the variations, getting rid of the the you may not get vapor nonsense and there are some vapor manufacturers that still rely on that. Like they put it in there. Their science, like if you see a vapor, you're wasting vapor. And that's just their, their, you know, their little crutch to make people okay with three hits have not blown vapor.

Kannaboom 22:51

What is happening there is the vapor staying in your lungs or how come you're not seeing it,

Troy Redington 22:55

I think there's just not enough vapor. Now there's not enough vapor density to actually produce visible vapor yet with a lot of these vaporizers. Like they chew into the herbs so slowly. Like you take three or four hits, and you look at your bowl, and it's still fresh and green, and it still smells fresh and green.

Kannaboom 23:17

Is it a matter of not heating it?

Troy Redington 23:18

Yeah, yeah, they're under-powered

Kannaboom 23:21

Too slow and not not hot enough. Yeah, some of the little compact ones. Maybe that's an issue. Right?

Troy Redington 23:28

Yeah. So that's, that's really what I want. I want vapes like this Terp Torch and the G 43 to be more of the norm, where a new person can just pack their little bowl, push a button and inhale and get a big cloud, because that's what they're expecting. They expect a cloud, they expect to feel something from it. Nobody wants to not blow a cloud and wonder, 'Am I feeling anything?' Then they want to hit two or three times and not blow clouds and then look at their bowl and think it's green and wonder what they're feeling. You know, maybe somebody does, maybe maybe there's some people out there that want to take, you know, a tiny little bowl and make it last all week. I don't know. Not me.

Kannaboom 24:10

There are people who I think want an immediate dose of CBD. And that's quote unquote, not psychoactive, although it does affect your mood. So you would have some sort of psychological reaction to it.

Troy Redington 24:25

Yeah. Yeah, that whole not psychoactive thing. I think that's something that the CBD industry has just touted too, too heavily. Not psychoactive, it's totally it's like, if it changes your mood, if it releases your anxiety, anxiety is part of your psyche, right?

Kannaboom 24:43

Tommy Chong or somebody said you know all cannabis has medicinal effects.

Troy Redington 24:47

Right? I totally agree that there's no such thing as a bad mushroom trip. Like you see what you need to see. You experienced what you need to experience for a reason.

Kannaboom 24:59

Do you have a favorite between conduction and convection? Or do you prefer hybrids?

Troy Redington 25:04

Normally I prefer hybrids just because they're quick, like there's a benefit to heating the bowl, as well as having the convection heat. It's quicker to vapor. So like the Mighty and the Crafty here are both hybrids, even the new Volcano hybrid is a hybrid. So the improved Volcano that they put out two years ago, is now hybrid. So convection, as a pure purity is nice. And when it's extreme, it's great like the Terp Torch here that you have in front of you. That right there is the most powerful vape on the market. And it's 100% convection. And it's also less than $200. So like the Volcano hybrid $700. Well, Terp Torche is $160 with the stand, and it's the most powerful, most impactful vaporizer you can get. You can get something more powerful if you want to modify and build yourself but as far as buying the most impactful is the one off the shelf. Yeah.

Kannaboom 26:04

Do you have a favorite strain of cannabis?

Troy Redington 26:08

I do. XJ 13 is is my favorite. And I think a lot of sativas. XJ 13 is one of my absolute favorites. It's a Jack Herer and G 13 Haze cross and I've been buying it locally. It's probably one of the probably have 10 1/8 jars on the shelf behind me. I usually buy by the ounce or grow my own. But I can only buy this XJ13 by the eighth and I've been buying by the eighth for a few years now.

Kannaboom 26:41

That's too bad. You have to buy it in small amounts.

Troy Redington 26:45

Yeah. It's one of those things about the California recreational market. They don't necessarily cater to people that use a lot or use medicinal like if you're smoking more than an ounce a month. Recreational is going to hurt you.

Kannaboom 27:03

Yeah. Do you get your card, have you?

Troy Redington 27:05

I do, I did get my card. And I'm still buying medicinal and growing my own. Yeah. And after growing my own last year, it's hard to go back to buying homegrown is so much better.

Kannaboom 27:19

It's a nice option. And then so with your ABV, your already been vaped, you make that into a butter or how to use that?

Troy Redington 27:26

I have. I have a lot of ABV right now. And I've done a few different things with it and water cured it because eating it by itself will certainly get you high again. But for me, because my tolerance is so high, I think I have to eat quite a bit of the ABV. I get like an indigestion and I get like the weed burps and it's just uncomfortable. So I've been washing it, trying to get the flavor away. And then making like an alcohol tincture, or, or butter or coconut oil capsules, a lot of different ways to go about it. And that's what's really great about vaping is you get that extra extra usage from your marijuana, you get high multiple times.

Kannaboom 28:11

Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that. But you're really going to stretch your budget. I mean, once you make the investment into as many vaporizers as you need, then your budget is going to go further with your cannabis.

Troy Redington 28:23

Yeah, yeah, you can definitely get a lot a lot more for your money. I mean, vapes are already that way. So I mean, you're already using a smaller amount. And you're getting higher from that amount than you would if you had been smoking. So I mean, vapes are value oriented. But as soon as a lot of people do find that, they just end up vaping more, like they switch to vapes. So they will consume less. But then because of the new found clarities and, and they find that they can be they can be medicated more often, because they're not they're not sedated and they're not stinky. They just end up consuming the same amount of marijuana as they were before but they just enjoy it more, at least from people that I have talked to you that are close to me. Yeah. When they switch to vaping full time. Their consumption goes down for a while, but then it goes back up.

Kannaboom 29:26

Well, it sounds like for you, it's a more active thing. It's when you talk about sedation, a lot of times people think about being couch locked and that's the old mindset of people who smoke is their stoners, and they're slackers, and they lay around doing nothing but you're talking about kind of being more active in being able to dial in the effects of the terpenes and cannabinoids and finding your own.

Troy Redington 29:53

Yeah, and I don't know how much of the lazy stoner thing is pre-emptive like if you want to be. If you want to get high and be lazy, you're gonna get out and be lazy. If you want to, if you want to get high and be productive, you're probably going to get out and be productive. Sativas certainly helped me. You know, I wake and bake every day, I usually wake up and I'll, I'll make coffee and come down here and check my email and vape a few bowls before I get active, but it's part of the routine. And I think the routine is probably more important than the strain. But for certain, I lean on sativas heavily. So I always have, you know, Jack Herer and Lemon Jack and XJ13. And when I was first starting to use medicinally, I did have to be specific with my temperatures, like I would vape at 370 or 390. I would watch the dabs. Like during the day, if I would have us a sativa dab during the day. Sometimes it might get a little too paranoid. Sometimes my boss might ask me what's going on, you know? But keeping the temperature realistic, could totally be a medicinal user all day on sativa. Rest of the world probably wouldn't know any better.

Kannaboom 31:16

Yeah. So you like the Dynavap and the Crafty they have the quality materials you like for a beginner? Would you tell them to look for something with a glass airway or ceramic? Or would you say look for a hybrid? Or is it pretty much discretionary? I mean, know what you're looking for, right? Yeah,

Troy Redington 31:35

No, no, we're looking for and really right now that that boils down to deciding if you want a session style, vaporizer, like a vaporizer that you pack, you know, a bowl with a point one, and then vape on it for three to 10 minutes, you know, as a session, like you sit down and you consume that, that marijuana and several hits. Or if you want an experience where you pack a bowl and hit it once and go on your way maybe you come back and hit it again. Because there are on demand vaporizers but that's there are a bunch of missing experiences in functionality. So if you want on demand there there are there are some experiences that you have to learn you have to learn to deal with, you know, the the Dynavap and or you need to learn how to hit the Firefly or the vaporizers that provide the you hit it and put it back in your pocket. Or they're gonna be expensive or they're gonna have some unicycle factor like you got to learn to ride the unicycle. Yeah, the good Dynavap is like a little unicycle. You learn to ride it, you're cool as shit. You ride around town, juggling, you know, you're a badass motherfucker, with your Dynavap. But the first time you use it, you're trying to ride a bike with one wheel.

Kannaboom 32:58

Trying to find your balance. Yeah, well, and it also strikes me that when you talk about session, that might be more of a social scenario where you're with a friend or partner or something, if it's more of an on demand thing, maybe you want it to be more discreet, just want a one hit that is gonna hit you medicinal, and then you're gonna go do what you're going to do. But is there a ritual involved? I mean, there's part of what we liked about smoking joints back in the day was you know, the ritual, cleaning it and rolling it up. All that?

Troy Redington 33:26

Absolutely. That's, that's, that's one of the big things with vapes to the ritual like is vape I'm using now is very ritualistic with the, you know, taking the screen, I'm using the G 43. For your listeners who can't see the video. Then I take the screen out, I load it, I stir it in between hits when it's done, I emptied into my little needle, needle drop the bowl, made out an old record, by the way.

Kannaboom 33:50

Nice. That is cool.

Troy Redington 33:52

Yeah, so I mean, there's very much a ritual to it, to you know, even taking apart the nug and I think the vape ritual is even more ritualistic. Because with smoking, you end up taking like a big nug you grind up the whole thing or break up the whole thing and then you roll the whole thing into paper with with a vaporizer I take, I take my nug out and I break off small chunks of nug and I only grind half of my nug and then what's left in my grinder stays on my grinder. I use my grinder as my little storage container in between bowls. So it's very much a therapy of ritual with cannabis.

Kannaboom 34:37

Yeah, there's a lot of steps involved and then there is something left at the end too that you can carry on to something else and yeah, yeah, yeah, you'll burn a joint and it's gone.

Troy Redington 34:48

I smoked a joint the other night. I got a bunch of samples from a dispensary order. And I like to keep my perspective you know, I like to smoke it once in a while around halfway through, I found myself wanting to give up already. I'm like 'That's enough.' Like, I felt like stomping it out my fingers smelled funny and my breath smelled funny and my moustache smell funny. My wife made me take a shower before going to bed.

Kannaboom 35:15

You do get stinky with a joint for sure. Yeah.

Troy Redington 35:18

I mean, it was a nice taste. And I always enjoyed smoking. I started smoking pretty young. But yeah, the smell was such a turn off.

Kannaboom 35:28

Do you cough when you're vaping?

Troy Redington 35:30

I do. I do.

Kannaboom 35:32

Not as much as smoking?

Troy Redington 35:35

I don't know. I mean, I know enough about statistics to not make a call on that one. But I definitely cough. And I know, I know there are times where I cough off of less vapor. So the whole coughing thing isn't always correlated with heat or with potency. Like there, there are times where I've had a vaporizer that makes me cough, even if it's not potent. And there are times where I'll hit like the Terp Torch or my SSV 43, or the G 43. And it'll be the thickest, most just ridiculous amount of vapor ever seen. And it'll feel so smooth and rewarding and satisfying. There will be no coughing about it. So it's, it's not just about the vapor there, there's like a, there's a harshness factor and a heat factor and how the vapor rolls and tumbles and the turbulence.

Kannaboom 36:41

So once you find that, you're probably trying to recreate that, that perfect cloud.

Troy Redington 36:45

Yeah. And that's really where these ball vapes come in, where these, these vapes that are packed full of glass balls to produce the convection heat. There's something to them, there's something to them, the the convection that's really turbulent and thoroughly heated by all the calories in those those glass balls does it differently, it produces a different vapor than the traditional like convection heater that's in the Mighty, yeah, because this convection heater that's in the Mighty is basically a metal spiral. So is it the metal tube that's wrapped around a heater, there's only so much surface area to collect calories of heat. But with this vape there's, you know, 70 three-millimeter balls that are all the same temperature, and the surface area of every single ball becomes the surface area of the convection heater. So the air goes in and instead of following one tube, it divides amongst hundreds of balls and their surface area and pulls heat continuously as it turbulences through all these balls. So every single piece of air coming through this, this hot ball here is thoroughly heated. Whereas a traditional convection heater with just the tube, you know, really only the air that's adequately running through the surface gets it.

Kannaboom 38:11

So the physics of it, the molecules are more exposed to heat. Yeah, you're just getting up.

Troy Redington 38:16

There's a lot, there's a lot more heat calories retained in the heater of the glass balls than there is in any other convection heater. And the glass ball here releases all of those heat calories very quickly. So the time to vapor with a ball vape is shorter. A lot of convection vapes, especially the traditional ones on the market, you'd have to draw really slow to get vapor if you wanted to milky milky hit, you had to draw slow to heat up your bowl and then puff on a little bit, kind of chief it around. You had to make your vaporizer work for you. These new ball vapes, you just you just hit it, you hit it as hard as hard as you can as hard as you want. Mine's turned down to the wrong temperature right now. But yeah, you just mean just rip on it and the vapor starts immediately. And it's really dense.

Kannaboom 39:13

Oh, yeah.

Troy Redington 39:14

Super satisfying. I get an impact right away. It's vapor that looks like smoke, it lingers and rolls. It has volume and all kinds of other things. It tastes incredible. That hit that I just had right there was so much more flavorful than anything that smoke has ever provided. And these ball vapes can extract your dryer so quickly and efficiently and thoroughly in one hit, that you actually get more impact from dry herb than a traditional dab. I'm not sure if you're into dabbing.

Kannaboom 39:55

Yeah, I've not dabbed, but technically we understand that it's a little unwieldy though, to have like the soldering iron in a bong. Do you see anyone working on adapting that to more of a portable, friendlier form factor?

Troy Redington 40:12

Absolutely. Absolutely. The Terp Torch guy, Brian. Terp Torch Brian is working on a portable version of this. This one right here is the one really that kind of inspired all the G 43. And this was a portable vape kinda. And he's working on the portable version, this ball tech is kind of emerging right now. So it just started happening this year, in 2020, maybe 2019 was the first ball they've been kind of sort of picking up and it's a new thing. So as like the Chinese manufacturers start copying this technology, we may see something magical even for 50 bucks or 100 bucks and head shops near you interested in that copy these glass balls, hopefully.

Kannaboom 41:03

So we talked a little about the lungs as a delivery mechanism for medicine. What do you say to people who are concerned about well, your lungs weren't built for that. And we talked a little about the fact that after about 10 years of pen style vaping and box mods, we discovered that there was a downside to nicotine abatement style vaping. Do you see any potential harmful effects of vaping in this dry herb vaping?

Troy Redington 41:29

I certainly see potential for harm, especially, anything involving habit. And merely replacing one habit for another isn't necessarily a safer thing. But in terms of harm reduction, vaping is at least less harmful than smoking. So I feel pretty confident with that. In terms of staying as safe as possible, though, eliminate unknowns, that would be my advice. So stay away from anything unknown. And cartridges are often more unknown. Like you rarely know what extraction methods are being used. You rarely know where your plants come from, you rarely know what other materials are being used.

Kannaboom 42:21

That's a good point. And like if you are growing at home, you know if it's organic, you know, there's no pesticides, it's not pulling toxins out of the ground. It's farm to lung basically.

Troy Redington 42:32

Yeah, yeah. And even with just vaping regular dry herb instead of cartridges, you can tell when you have quality flower, like if you got shitty flower, and I realize we're not in a fully legal world, and not everybody has access to good quality legally grown marijuana. But usually you can tell like with your products, if it's something bad. If it smells smells bad, don't — don't smoke it, don't vape it, don't ingest it. Not everybody has that luxury.

Kannaboom 43:06

Yeah, but I think it's a good point. Harm reduction is something we're all concerned about. I mean, there's a lot of people abusing a lot of substances, you know, it could be alcohol, it could be opiates, this is a way to change your state. But the more you know about it, the more you can control it and do it in a manner that is as safe as you can make it.

Troy Redington 43:23

That's right. That's right. And the habit-forming thing is one of the things that I'm struggling with, because I vape so much marijuana medicinally I vape all day that I literally can form the habit like, like I I want to vape even if I don't need to medicate. Like, if I take a bunch of edibles, I can be as high as high as I need to be without needing to vape I'll still have the urge to vape because it's at this point for me, it's almost just like vaping an e cigarette, you know, like vape so much and so frequently that I just have a vaping habit.

Kannaboom 44:03

Right, like we said, it's a ritual and yeah, you can get very accustomed to the rituals in your life. Yeah, I took a break from drinking in October. And one of the things I noticed was that sometimes this was out of boredom wasn't even anxiety. And there was a lot of anxiety in October, you know, COVID and elections and all that. If you just are more intentional about it, I think taking a break is a good thing for almost any kind of habit. You know, I've been a runner for decades, but I give my knees a break. And I think that's a positive.

Troy Redington 44:36

I've been taking a break from running since high school.

Kannaboom 44:41

Troy, is there anything? We haven't covered that we should?

Troy Redington 44:44

I don't think so. I think we can leave some things open for possible future episodes.

Kannaboom 44:50

Yeah, we can find you online at the 420 Vape Zone.

Troy Redington 44:54

Yeah, 420 Vape Zone.com. There's a forum there there's a Discord. So it's a big community for people that are into vapes or just getting started with vapes, a lot of passionate people that are willing to help out and talk about their experiences in the forums and in the Discord, moving from YouTube, putting my videos up on 425 zone as my destination. So that's the best place to subscribe. And I'm working to open up my own vape store here pretty soon.

Kannaboom 45:24

Cool. So we'll look for that in 2021.

Troy Redington 45:26

By then hopefully.

Kannaboom 45:28

Well, good. Right, well, that's coming up. So we'll definitely put a link to that in the show notes. And thank you for sharing your expertise. Some there's a lot of curiosity about this. And again, I think from a harm reduction standpoint, there's a lot of people are interested in it. So glad to help get the word out.

Troy Redington 45:44

Hell yeah. Glad to help.

Thanks, Troy Thank you.

Kannaboom 45:47

You've been listening to the Kannaboom podcast with host Tom Stacy. If you like the show and want to know more, please check us out at Kannaboom with a k.com. And please leave us a review on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen. See you next week.