37 | Pat Smith, The Psychedelic Scientist

“Physiologically there's no toxicity and yeah, we're also seeing that they can help people therapeutically. So I think it's, it's a case of the culture very much now being completely won over by the science, if anything. And, and the current wave of psychedelic acceptance is very much being science driven.”

— Pat Smith

Psilocybin is legal in Oakland in Denver, and there's growing acceptance of the use of psychedelics to help fight depression, PTSD, eating disorders and addiction. And as any old hippie will tell you, shrooms can help you see God. What's going on? Is psilocybin really a tool for wellness? We talk with neuroscientist Pat Smith about the promise of therapeutic promise of psychedelics, from microdosing for work performance, to the spiritual journey that comes with bigger doses.

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