29 | Marielle Weintraub, U.S. Hemp Authority

What we wanted to do is have a very clear and easy marker that would allow consumers to easily identify top quality, and best practices being being done in the CBD oil making or other hemp product creation.”

— Marielle Weintraub

CBD products are flooding the market — and not all of them are good. You take CBD for wellness, so you really don’t want to ingest pesticides, heavy metals or solvent residues. And since the FDA does not regulate CBD, how do you know if the product you’re looking at is good, or potentially harmful?

The U.S. Hemp Authority is an industry group formed in 2018 to help identify high-quality producers of CBD. Like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the U.S. Hemp Authority Seal is meant to instil confidence in consumers about the products they are purchasing and consuming.

U.S. Hemp Authority president of the board Marielle Weintraub, Ph.D. joins us to discuss how the group formed, what they bring to this emerging market, and how you can protect yourself when you’re shopping for CBD products.

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