2020: Cannabis meets wellness

Aside from medicinal and recreational, it can also help with self care

Are you interested in learning how to live better? Me too. It’s taken us a long time to realize it, but cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) can help you achieve better wellness, and we’re just now getting clarity on this. 

The problem is, there’s a lot of bad information out there, from the hundreds of providers (some unscrupulous) rushing into this market. We're also still in the grip of outdated assumptions around cannabis. So I’ve created a podcast and this website to explore and report on CBD and cannabis-related wellness.

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Medical marijuana has proven its usefulness in fighting chronic pain, nausea, insomnia and other conditions. And for those seeking a way to relax, often without alcohol, recreational-use cannabis is now a viable alternative in 11 states. In between is the wellness space, where cannabis can be useful to all of us.

And that's my focus. I’m interviewing cannabis and CBD experts and pointing you to the safest, most effective CBD and cannabis products, as determined by reputable certifying bodies.

Why is this necessary? Because we’ve been lied to about cannabis for almost 100 years. We’re all learning, millions of us, that cannabis is a legitimate way to enhance your wellness. But it can get complicated:

  • Can it help me sleep?
  • Should I take it before I work out?
  • Indica or sativa?
  • Smoke or vape?
  • Tinctures and balms?
  • What’s the right dose for me?
  • What brands can I trust? 

Thus Kannaboomers. A site and a podcast about how to use CBD and cannabis to achieve better wellness, right now. Here’s what excites me:

We are just learning about the power of cannabis. 

Cannabis can help with epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, Alzheimer’s and other diseases of inflammation, and many other conditions — and for anxiety or stress relief, it’s a less harmful alternative to alcohol. CBD does not get you high and has many medicinal applications, and there are dozens of other cannabinoids we are just beginning to learn about.

We know we have an endocannabinoid system that enables us to stay healthy and balanced, and we know that plant-based cannabinoids can supplement the ones we produce endogenously. But can cannabis really help us live better? More research is needed, for sure, including clinical trials. But I believe that cannabis might have helped every family in America address any number of serious health conditions — and prevented or relieved immeasurable pain and suffering — if not for our regressive state and federal cannabis policies.

We are overturning the pernicious effects of cannabis prohibition. 

All those lies. The reefer madness propaganda emanating from official government channels seeped into our collective consciousness for decades. We allowed the false narrative about cannabis to poison our senses, as well as our criminal justice system. Wrong-headed drug policies led to the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of people, and resulted in a systemic failure that opened the door to pharmaceutical companies to create an epidemic of opioid fatalities in our society. 

It’s time to tell the truth about cannabis and CBD.     

I know a story when it slaps me in the face. The end of cannabis prohibition is a big, sprawling story — perhaps the social movement of our time — and it affects us all. We can all see the business, legal, cultural and scientific aspects of this story unfolding every day. These are all important, but I’m choosing to focus, ultimately, on wellness, yours and mine. And I'm thrilled and grateful to have this opportunity to help people live better, healthier lives.  

Spreading the word about cannabis is the right thing to do.

What qualifies me to report on CBD and cannabis? I’m a writer and have reported for several newspapers including the Los Angeles Times. For the last five years I’ve worked in banking, while also studying CBD. Now I’m making the leap and creating my own job in this booming new industry.  

For each one of us, there’s a lot to learn about how to optimally medicate with the many forms of cannabis. This versatile plant could soon have us clearing out our medicine cabinets. But we need to step carefully. As we’ve seen with the vaping crisis, it’s a buyer-beware world out there. Quality matters. 

At a time when hundreds of manufacturers are rushing products to an unregulated, pent up market, we need to exercise due caution. That’s why I’m highlighting products that have been certified by leading industry trade groups like the U.S. Hemp Authority. And for the record, I’m against:

  • Cannabis use by minors.
  • People driving under the influence of cannabis.
  • Anyone using cannabis or any substance to the point where it negatively impacts their health, relationships or finances. 

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Consider me your personal CBD and cannabis shopper. 

I’ll be presenting CBD products as an affiliate and may make a small commission on the products I recommend. I promise you I will recommend only certified, high-quality products that I use myself. There’s lots to learn about how cannabis and CBD can help you live better. Let’s dive in!