16 | Linnea Miron, CEO of RW, Real Wellness by Ricky Williams

Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC have healing properties, we know that. So the next question is, how do you optimize the power of cannabis to promote human wellness? Linnea Miron is leading the charge for RW, Real Wellness, the company founded by her husband Ricky Williams.

Drawing upon Ricky's extensive training in herbal medicine and lessons learned in his days as a player in the NFL, the RW product line includes herbal-infused tonics, salves and vape formulations that use today's technology to reintroduce ancient healing herbs to our modern lifestyles.

We talk about the healing powers of CBD and THC, the journey of bringing these products to market at this stage of post-prohibition, and the unique benefits that cannabis brings to the aging body. Enjoy the episode!


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Kannaboomers: 00:00 Hey, it's Tom. We're back with episode 16 of the Kannaboomers Podcast. Are you curious about what it's like to bring CBD and THC products to market? If so, you're going to love today's episode. We're talking with Linnea Miron, CEO of Real Wellness, a new line of CBD and THC infused tonics, salves and vape formulations, the R and W of Real Wellness, also aligns with the initials of Linnea's husband, Ricky Williams, former running back in one of the most punishing games in the world, NFL football. You might not know that Ricky is also a trained healer and herbalist and he and Linnea and the rest of their team are pouring their passion into the RW brand, creating new products to help people achieve better physical health. When the topic is cannabis and wellness, there's always a lot to talk about. We dive into some of the challenges and obstacles to good health and some of the obstacles to bring these products to market even now in the post prohibition era. It's a great episode. Here's our interview with Linnea Miron.

Kannaboomers: 00:54 This is Let's Talk About Weed, the Kannaboomers Podcast, CBD, microdosing, and all things related to medical cannabis for baby boomers from San Diego. Here's your host, Thomas Jay. Welcome to the Kannaboomers Podcast, Linnea. Where, where are you today?

Linnea Miron: 01:10 Hi, I'm in Venice, California, where, where I live, my home base.

Kannaboomers: 01:15 Nice. Is the boardwalk still crazy there?

Linnea Miron: 01:17 It is. Very crazy.

Kannaboomers: 01:20 That's where Arnold started back in the day with all the weight lifting and all that.

Linnea Miron: 01:24 Yeah, we, we live not too far from Gold's gym. Actually we, we go and get breakfast at a place over there too. Um, but yeah, we see you still see that whole crowd too.

Kannaboomers: 01:35 We're here to talk about Real Wellness, the RW brand, Ricky Williams, his stature as a person who can really get the message out to people that cannabis has a lot of healing potential specifically for the boomer market and for anybody else if you can address kind of what your mission is, that Real Wellness and how you guys got started.

Linnea Miron: 01:56 Yeah. So the way, the way we got started did actually involves some, some baby boomers. Um, I would say it was about a year and a half ago, um, you know, Ricky and I were, were going to a lot of cannabis conferences and we were, we were starting to think about, you know, what, what sort of participation do we want to have in this movement that's happening across the country and how can we bring some consciousness to it. And um, while we were doing all of that, we had some friends and family members from around the country sort of reaching out to us with their different health ailments. So, um, my mother who is 70 years old and lives in Connecticut, she was telling us that she has trouble sleeping and, um, was taking Tramadol every day and noticing she was taking it more out of necessity in order to have some energy as opposed to a pain reliever, and just feeling kind of concerned about that.

Linnea Miron: 02:58 And Ricky and I put together a little, a little homemade formula and we, we sent it to her and she took a little bit before she went to bed. And the next day called me and said that was the best sleep that I've had in decades. So, you know, we started, we started there and then I had a friend, an old law school friend of mine who is now a mother of two full time, full time job working in St Louis. And she, um, had an accident, she fell off a roof and had to go to the hospital for some broken ribs and was put on opioids for the first time in her life. And um, about a week later, her husband called me, very concerned that she hadn't been able to go to the bathroom and about eight or nine days from the opioids from the side effects of the opioids and asked if Ricky and I could send them something in Missouri because they didn't have access to, to any cannabis products.

Linnea Miron: 04:01 So, um, we sent some something to her and she took, I think it was about 10 or 15 milligrams of, um, of a THC product of cannabis. And within 24 hours, um, things were moving in her body. She was, she was up, she had energy. She was going to the bathroom, she's taking care of her kids again and it completely changed the, their household, just from just from taking one dose of it. And, you know, so what we started to notice that we were doing for our friends and family is we were providing them with these home remedies that we're noticing that cannabis was actually a, an exit drug of sorts. And I don't like to use the term drug, but you know, it, it really showed me very quickly what is simple remedy. It could be for, um, a lot of people's struggles that they were going through.

Linnea Miron: 04:58 And um, as this was happening, you know, Ricky and I kind of looked at each other and said, you know, we've got it. We've got to create something where we can do this on a much broader scale for people. And while this was going on, he, um, you know, he's been enrolled in Emperor's College in Santa Monica and getting his doctorate in Chinese medicine there. And so he has access to a lot of information and um, has, has come up with several formulas that some of which are on the market already in some that were coming down the pipeline in our, in our product pipeline, um, but we, we realized we really had something here where we could create, um, a medicine in a more sophisticated cannabis product that then what we were seeing on the market, which involves these herbal remedies that are in them as well as THC and in some cases just CBD. So that's really how it all began is, is we noticed we were able to do this for you know, our loved ones and um, and the company was born.

Kannaboomers: 06:05 Ricky was one of the legendary players in the NFL throughout the first decade of this century and was vilified for his use of cannabis, but came back and played great and just proved that in one of the most punishing jobs there is, it helps heal him. Certainly he has the credibility as from somebody who use cannabis in a wise way.

Linnea Miron: 06:31 Exactly. Yeah. And, and, and he would certainly say that that was the case that, um, when he was, when he was using it during his NFL days, that he was using it as a medicine. The public, didn't see it that way back then, but this, this, um, this is all part of his, his journey and his story and it's now something that was seen as such a negative and felt by him, you know, it's a very difficult part of his time, is now sort of coming full circle is a really beautiful redemption story for him and for our company and for a lot of people, for a lot of people that can relate, you know, and we're, we're doing the same thing. They just simply didn't have the eyes of the world following them. And, and writing about it.

Kannaboomers: 07:17 Stigma was, was well in place throughout that decade. Meanwhile, the science was occurring in the background, you know, in Israel and other places where they were finding out about the endocannabinoid system that we have CBD one and CB two receptors, that it's actually a neuroprotectant that can protect your, your brain. It reduces inflammation, all these things that can be helpful for anyone, whether you're playing football or you're just living life's daily stresses.

Linnea Miron: 07:46 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, we've seen, um, you know, I, I, I've been saying to people, I've yet to see someone who doesn't benefit from CBD. I mean, I, you know, we do talk a lot about, well, you know, not everything is all good and there's, there's gonna be people who don't want to use certain things and we've certainly seen that with, with THC but, but with the CBD so far and what we've been putting out there in the market, I'm just the wide range of symptoms and, and, and conditions that have been ameliorated through, through this are just incredible. I mean, we, we got an email last week from a mother who had purchased our Optimize Tonic, which is a, it's a strong dose of CBD and it has some warming herbs in it as well. It's a flexibility formula. And um, she, she gave it to her fourth grader and his, um, told us that she has him off of his ADHD medicine and now he's some of our Optimize Tonic every morning, which is just a blend of herbs and I'm, and a dose of CBD and she forwarded us this email from his, from his teacher saying how well he was doing in school and you know, and she attributed, attributed the, you know, the change in her son to, to uh, this switch from the medication to, to the CBD oil that we sell and you know, again, that's something that we never could have foreseen or wasn't even on our radar that, that was something that would um, help with that issue.

Kannaboomers: 09:29 So it just, it seems like we're just at the beginning of discovering everything that it's capable of doing. I'm going to mangle the word.. ayurvedic… and Ricky's got training in that too, right? And that is, does that have to do with Indian herbs? And.

Linnea Miron: 09:48 Yeah, is, as he's explained it to me, herbs are sort of classified as either western herbs, ayurvedic herbs or Chinese eastern herbs. And so he, he studied ayurvedic years ago when he was still playing football, but during his time off and so he got that training, uh, previously under his belt and now he's getting the, um, the Chinese medicine training here in, in Santa Monica.

Kannaboomers: 10:13 So there's a depth to this that a lot of companies who are kind of rushing to fill this opportunity, this void may not have. I mean, Ricky has been thinking about this stuff for 10, 20 years and practicing it himself.

Linnea Miron: 10:26 Yeah, absolutely. I mean that, that's what's been interesting to you is in the industry, you know, we're seeing a lot of people started jumping in because it's a new industry and there's money to be made and it's exciting and there's a lot of space in potential for growth. But, but what's so great is that, you know, when people look at behind our brand and look at the story and, and not just the story that I told you that was, you know, that we were sort of creating together about a year and a half ago, but really going even further back before he and I even knew each other. Um, I haven't really seen anyone when I, when I sort of investigate the other brands that are out there on what they're doing, I just, I don't see anybody that, um, that has been studying it the way that he hasn't been interested in it and has had it as part of their narrative until recently. So it's, it, it's certainly a unique thing that we, that we have.

Linnea Miron: 11:19 Yeah. He was totally ahead of the curve on this.

Linnea Miron: 11:22 Yeah. And that's what people say now, you know, as they say, well he's, he's, he's proven that. So now people say to them, well, what are, what are you interested in? Now you know that no one's no one's interested in yet, you know, because he's, he's becoming known as this, you know, this visionary in this pioneer that, that the things he sort of gets interested in is where the world's going to be in five, 10 years.

Kannaboomers: 11:46 What is he interested in right now?

Linnea Miron: 11:49 Well, certainly the herbal piece of it, you know, we, we did launch this as a, as a cannabis company, but in truth, that's really at its core, it's, it's an herbal remedies, herbal remedies brand. I mean, the, the goal for us as we expand is to talk to people about not right now, cannabis has sort of is, is discussed in its own sort of realm. And, and what we're saying is no, cannabis is an herb, just like all the other herbs. So it's a very powerful one, but there's a lot of other very powerful herbs out there as well that are right under our noses. You know, that. Or you can order online, um, you can get in Chinese herb shops down in Chinatown and they do very powerful things. So, um, ultimately what we hope to do is expand all of our formulas into three different types where you can buy the formulas with just the herbs in them, no cannabis product or, or CBD of any kind. So just the herbs themselves are very powerful or you can get a version of him that has CBD infused or you can go to a dispensary and get a version of it that also has some THC in it for a bit of a stronger, more elevated effect. So our, our whole goal with this is, is, um, to bring herbalism back into the mainstream as a legitimate medicine and, um, to, to get these formulas into everyone's households and to get the kids familiar with them and using them as well. I mean that, that's the, that's the long term goal here. And I think it's, um, it, you know, it's for us, we feel like it's really right place being in California, but also right time with the fatigue that, that our nation is feeling around pharmaceuticals. You know, the pharmaceutical industry has been around long enough now that we're not so enamored with it and we're seeing, we're seeing actually the dark side of it and um, people are seeking something different and they're seeking something that, um, they can't overdose on that they can't die from. You know, I, um, I was in Florida a couple of days ago because my cousin suddenly passed away two days ago at the age of 49 and we're, you know, we're doing an autopsy, but we suspect to is either, you know, self medication through alcohol so that he could sleep at night. That, um, it, it looked like it was either alcohol or, or potentially something else. But, but you know, this story that, you know, this what my family's going through right now. I, I don't know if I've seen very many families that haven't been touched by something like this. And, you know, when I think about my cousin, I think, Gosh, you know, it wouldn't, it wouldn't be that much longer before, you know, a state like Florida where the, the availability of these products and the cannabis industry the way it is here in California, you know, he may have considered taking, um, some, some sort of cannabis product to help him sleep at night instead of, instead of drinking alcohol or instead of, you know, taking a pill of some sort that eventually takes the toll on the body,

Kannaboomers: 15:14 For baby boomers and anybody, you know, over 45, your body begins to have certain needs. Um, sometimes you need help sleeping. Inflammation is going to get all of us at some point. So here's an anti-inflammatory. If you have anxiety, here's something that can help with anxiety. And as you say, it's never killed anyone. So there's still a swath of people or a fraction of people who believe, like Jeff Sessions does, that if you, if you use marijuana, you're not a good person. That stigma still, uh, is there. So we still have work to do to educate people about what this plant can do and what it's not going to do to you.

Linnea Miron: 15:52 Right? And that that's been a big, big thing for us that we've talked about from day one is, is, you know, making sure that everything that we put out there is accurate and is informative. And Ricky as our brand leader, he goes out and talks extensively about, uh, about it and encourages people to go online and to educate themselves. You know, he, I hear him say so often, you know, anything that makes you feel good, can be abused, you know, and so, so go out there, read about it. Um, and, and we encourage people as well to, to take on a different mindset with respect to their health and their bodies. You know, what we've seen, you know, Ricky's 41 and I'm 41 I've experienced in my 40 years is living here in the United States is, you know, you get a job, you get health insurance and uh, when you get sick you wait until you get sick, when you're, when you've dropped out of homeostasis. And then you go to a doctor who doesn't know your body as well as you do, and um, he or she makes some quick assessments and writes you a prescription for a pill and you go to the pharmacy and you take the pill and it's a very passive experience. And so, you know, part of what we're, what we're doing here is not, you know, it's not just a simple promotion of herbs and of CBD, but it's, it's to really say to people, um, you know, yourself better than, than anyone else does. So, uh, you know, one of our taglines is ‘awaken your inner physician' and, and we, we say that almost as a, as a, you know, a, a call to action, you know, to, to recognize that you have the power inside yourself, um, to know what's best for you and um, and to be responsible for yourself and to pay attention to your body and, and what it's doing. And part of that is education. And that's something that we're going to always, always be talking about. Um, with, uh, with the consumers.

Kannaboomers: 18:07 Yes. CBD products. And then you also have products with a little THC in them.

Linnea Miron: 18:11 We do, we do. So when we launched, we launched March 20th of this year and our initial launch was in I think about 12 or 15 dispensaries in southern California, primarily in San Diego and the Palm Springs area. We've branched out into Los Angeles and in Orange County as well. And when we launched we had six product skews. We had three, um, vape pens to tonics and one topical south four out of the six had THC and um, and um, to our CBD only we're starting to branch out into other products skews. And what we've seen since then is, um, the, the CBD market is growing very, very rapidly. Um, right now, not just in California but across the country. And so we're giving a much heavier focus on expanding our CBD line. I'm not only because of, of just the demand for it, but it's also, particularly with the news that came out last week about the farm bill being amended and the federal government, you know, finally coming out and saying that, um, hemp derived CBD is not going to be an illegal substance. That's, that, that is going to change so much and um, make it much easier for products to be sold online and to be sold everywhere. So, um, so for now we are, you know, really, really going full steam ahead with the, with um, the CBD line.

Kannaboomers: 19:58 I'm at your website. Can they buy it on your website?

Linnea Miron: 20:01 Yup. You can buy any of the products that have just CBD oil, just CBD in them, which is our optimized tonic, the one that I was mentioning before and, and the maintenance and repair solve. And I can tell you a little bit about each one and, and how ricky came up with those formulas. But those two are available on our website. We ship to all 50 states. Our fulfillment center is based out of Encinitas right now in, in San Diego. Um, and we do, um, we have a wholesaler program set up through this site as well, so we shipped direct to the consumers straight to their doorstep, but we also have a wholesale program where businesses can sign up through our website and order in bulk at wholesale prices and then our products in their retail shops.

Kannaboomers: 20:49 Yeah. Looking at the salve right now, it's got arnica and cayenne and lavender essential oil and milk

Linnea Miron: 20:56 fallen. That sounds so, so the way that I'm, Ricky came up with that formula with the, with the lead urban it being Arnica. Uh, when he was playing for Toronto, Canada, he, he had a nasty break. He broke his arm in a football game and it's actually caught on camera. There's, we have a clip of it. I think we posted on his Instagram a couple of months ago. His Instagram is at Williams and um, but I, I wouldn't watch it if you don't want to see kind of a, you know, kind of an unpleasant arm bend. It's hard to watch. But after, after that break that happened, he went to the hospital and the doctors gave him some opioids and he noticed he felt even worse when he was taking the opioids on top of the broken arm. So he sought out a homeopathic pharmacy in Toronto and they gave him Arnica pills and he was, he was a little dubious at first, but he took them.

Kannaboomers: 22:00 He stopped taking the opioids, he took the arnica pills and just on the Arnica pills, he was pain free a couple days after the surgery. And he remembered that. And when it came time to create this product line and to create a topical, a high CBD topical that we, that we wanted to make a for joint pain, for muscle pain and sprains, bruising tight tendons are, was the first, the first thing that came to mind for him. He knew based on that experience that he had, that it was going to be a really great pain reliever mixed with the anti-inflammatory of the CBD. And there are other herbs in there that are blood movers that, that, um, get the get stagnation broken up. So for instance, you put it on a bruise, you know, the bruise is just that, that stagnant blood sitting there, it gets things moving under the skin.

Linnea Miron: 22:57 And one of the, one of the best stories we've heard from this is a man who, uh, older gentleman, baby boomer who loves to play golf, I'm could no longer play golf because his hands were, um, were too arthritic. He couldn't grip the golf club. He started putting this salve all over his hands. And we've learned that he's back to playing golf four times a week. You know, when you hear stories like that, it's like, you know, that that just completely changed that person's life. So it's, um, Leafly wrote us up completely unexpected. We didn't even know they did it. They wrote up the south as, as a, as a reader favorite for arthritis. And again, when, when Ricky created this, we weren't even really thinking about arthritis in particular, but the feedback that we'd been getting, particularly from the older generations, you know, from, from people my end, Ricky's age and older is what we've learned is, um, I think it's something like $50 million people in the US suffer from arthritis and there really aren't great products on the market to address the, the side effects and the pain and the stiffness. Um, and, and people are using this and they're, they're having great results with it so it can be used for a lot of different things. Um, but it's, it's been really, it's been really great to see, see it help people with joint pain and realizing that there are a lot of people out there with a carpal tunnel and tight hands and, um, and, and feet

Kannaboomers: 24:35 CBD bombed that I've used on my knees. And it's really, there's no doubt in my mind that it, it, it's amazing. It might be arthritis, ypd aches and pains of just life. But yeah, we're all gonna. We're all gonna have those. And here's something that really works and has really no downside.

Linnea Miron: 24:55 Exactly, exactly. I mean, Ricky got a full body massage using it, that, that's the other thing we've been where it has all these other sort of, you know, adjunct uses, you know, we tell people that they can use it as a, as a really great, um, in lieu of like a massage oil. And then we'll probably take the formula and, and converted into a massage oil as well and make it less of a, of a thick, concentrated south. But, um, he got, he got a massage a couple of months ago and the massage therapists used it and put it all over his body and afterwards he said it was the best massage she had ever had and there were tears coming out of his eyes because it was just such a euphoric experience. So, um, that, that's a whole other thing that we're going to see, um, in the coming years, I predict is that when you go and get a massage anywhere that, that CBD, CBD topicals are going to be available. And I think massages are gonna are gonna be at a whole, you know, a whole nother level with, with this, you know, with, with the CBD lotions becoming available to people across the country,

Kannaboomers: 26:10 you're able to ship the CBD of all around the country, but obviously the THC is just going to be in California for now. How's that going? And you mentioned San Diego, Ricky's hometown, I'm sure it was well received.

Linnea Miron: 26:23 Yeah. Yeah. And he was thrilled. He was thrilled to launch the company. There was a very, is a very cool moment for him to come back and, and to do that after everything that he's been through. Um, California has been tough. It, it's, it's been a rollercoaster, a regulatory roller coaster here,

Kannaboomers: 26:45  You know, legalization is not a binary switch falling off. There's all sorts of things that have to be ironed out.

Linnea Miron: 26:52 Oh, it's been, you know, and I mean it's been a very interesting lesson for us. We came into it a bit naive. I mean, luckily we, we've, you know, we're very versatile company and so we can sell the CBD online whereas we have a lot of other brands that would be considered competitors of ours in the market that only sell THC containing products. And so there are really at the whim of what's happening in this state, you know, in a lot of these brands will, will, um, they'll, they'll have a contract manufacturer in one state. You know, you don't. I went to Colorado recently and, and to Oregon and the brands that are carried in the dispensary dispensaries in other states are completely different because you can only make a THC product. You can only sell it in the state where it's made, right? So you have to have these different relationships.

27:38 So we knowing that we structured the company as a, as a licensing company, so we don't touch the plant. We make the formulations and we, we build the brand of, of real wellness. But what we do is we go state to state and form a licensing relationships with the people in each state that already had the licenses to do this. And so California was the first relationship where we started, we're in talks with people in Nevada, we have a new partnership in Florida, were, you know, looking for the right partners and all of the other recreational states. But California has, has just been just a total, you know, up and down. I mean, you know, we're, we've been medically legal here since 1996 and I was telling someone in Florida that yesterday and they couldn't believe it, they said you guys have been legal for 22 years.

28:36 And I said, yeah. And it's, you know, it's, it's, it, it was relatively easy to get, you know, get a red card from a doctor and go into a dispensary and buy, you know, fair amount of it. Um, and you know, what the state going recreational in January, we thought, oh, it's just gonna open up and it's going to be easy. And you know, it has not been that way. And the state, you know, we've got the world's fifth largest economy here and we've already really established ourselves in southern California is the cannabis capital. Um, and so, you know, I see this is this state government and these legislatures trying to figure this out and they have no idea what they're doing and they're, they're dealing with a massive industry, you know, and you can just see all the turmoil its creating because they're trying to get their arms around this thing that's just growing and growing and growing.

Linnea Miron: 29:29 So there've been a lot of regulations that they're very unpredictable, you know, we, we've, we've tried to preempt everything. So when we first launched in March, we already had a childproof packaging on all of our products even though it wasn't legally required at the time because we didn't want to have to make the switch later. We realized well if we wanted to do it first and foremost for the, for the reason for it to make it difficult for children to get into it. But you know, we, we've had to sort of look and say okay, what's the state likely going to do now? You know, what, what, what laws are they gonna are they gonna be implemented?

Kannaboomers: 30:11 That's hard to predict.

Linnea Miron: 30:13 It is. And in some ways, you know, we were spot on and you can, we've noticed a lot of brands have just disappeared because, uh, the ones that were doing really well up until recently, they didn't have to show that their products didn't have pesticides in them, right? They didn't have to use childproof packaging. And then now these, these regulations are starting to come in and you're seeing all these brands just kind of fade away because they don't have the wherewithal to, um, sort of retrofit it, so to speak.

Kannaboomers: 30:45 Well, yeah. And it's more capital intensive. Some of them, you know, some of the bigger players are going to come in and, and it takes so much money to get going. The playing field is hardly ever level. I hope it works out in a way that's good for the consumer. I know, boy, when I go to the dispensary, I'm always shocked at how much the tax is. It's no,

Linnea Miron: 31:11 I mean that too. I think it's a NLA. I think if you walk into a recreational user, you know, so the taxes are higher if you don't have a doctor's recommendation. Right. If you just walk in with that one, which anybody age 21 or over is allowed to do here in California and I think the tax rate, if it's Ricky and I really to go down the street to one of the dispensaries in our neighborhood here in Venice, I think the tax rate is 34, 35 percent. That's crazy. And so that, that's been another, that's been a whole other, um, you know, to, to bring it to this point that you were asking about how, how's it going in California? That brings up another issue that we've noticed is even though the state went recreational in January, the people aren't coming through in droves, um, in part because it's so expensive to buy the products and, and um, you know, it's, you know, our, I think ourselves about $70 off the MSRP $70 and then you have it's 35 percent tax on top of that, you know, and so it, a lot of people are still priced out of the market currently and, and you know, we're, we're going to have to figure that out because what we're seeing in the news stories had been coming out. They came out kind of around the middle of the year. We started seeing them in July. The reports came out that the dispensaries were, were we were. Everybody was way off in their forecasting as to how successful the dispensaries in California we're going to be after the state opened up recreationally. And uh, there the state had a terrible 4/20 this year in April and everybody couldn't believe it. And as it turns out, you know, with the, with the tax structure that's in place. And so forth, it's, it's causing a very large gray market. Oh sure. Very large gray market where people are going and getting still very good products, you know, so you see all those ones that have gotten pulled from the shelves and the license dispensaries they're now going into these other unlicensed dispensaries and people are still seeking them out because it's, it's a much lower price point and the state doesn't have the, the uh, enforcement where with all just yet to get their arms around it. And, and people are, are taking advantage of that right now.

Kannaboomers: 33:36 So I'm looking at your site and the salve is there for $55. If I buy it there, do I pay a 35 percent tax?

Linnea Miron: 33:44 Yeah. And so that, that's what we tell people too is we say, you know, so here's what we say. We say if you're desperate to get the sell for the same day, you want it go drive to your drive to your local dispensary and pick it up. But you're going to, you have to pay a tax on it even though it's a CBD only product because anything that's sold in a dispensary is subject to that tax. Right. So, so we save, so we say to people you can go in and I think actually there might be a slightly lower price point in the dispensary, but it's, it's, it's still gonna cost you a little bit more if you go into the dispensary. Whereas selling it online, if we sell that, most of our consumers are out of state, right? So we're not even competing with the, with the California market and when we sell that out of state and the consumer doesn't have to pay sales tax on it, so it's right. And if they. And if they spend more than $100 on my website, they get free shipping. So if they just buy two products now they're getting it from us free shipping as well. And no sales tax. So it is, it is a pretty good deal. It is.

Kannaboomers: 34:51 Do you source your hemp in California?

Linnea Miron: 34:54 Yeah. So right now all of our products are made by a contract manufacturer based in San Diego and the way that we structure our deals with our contract manufacturers is they, um, you know, we've met them before we, we sign a licensing deal with them and then if we determine that there, um, manufacturing, you know, to the standards that we feel comfortable with and that meet the real wellness standards, one of those standards being are you sourcing your CBD, um, from a, a high-quality company. And they show us who they're sourcing it from and they send us the paperwork on it and we verify that it's, it's, it's one of the reputable companies right now we're starting from a company based out of Colorado. Um, and so that, that we leave in the domain of our contract manufacturers since they're the ones who were actually making the products for us. But once we determine, we're comfortable with the standards they're at, they keep that relationship with the, with the CBD suppliers. And then as we go into other states, um, and, and, and do these licensing deals with, with other people. We know that's one of our questions is to, is to ensure that they're, uh, that they're sourcing it from a source we're comfortable with.

Speaker 1: 36:06 You see a lot of companies who will publish certificates of analysis where they're looking at potency and purity and pesticides and all that stuff.

Linnea Miron: 36:16 Yeah. And now you have to provide those, um, you know, we, we provide, we've had several questions, uh, consumers have reached out to us on our, on our website and that's a common question and when we, when our customer service team receives that question, we reply and we send them the actual copy of the certificate of analysis, you know, because, you know, everyone's trying to figure all this out. And they're like, well, you know, how do I know that, you know, you, how do I know that your CBD might not have, you know, above the legal limit of trace amounts of THC in it. And what if I fail a drug test at work? And those are all valid questions. And so we send them the certificate of analysis that we get from the CBD and supplier that shows that it's hemp derived CBD. That is, that is well below the points. Your three percent a limit.

Kannaboomers: 37:07 The formulation itself is something that Ricky has come up with that based on his, his education and his experience. It's not just like some celebrity guy pulling some crazy idea. It's based on science and experience.

Linnea Miron: 37:23 Yeah. And that's what's, that's what's so exciting about it is there's, you know, there's stories behind all of these, these formulas, you know. And, and, you know, I told you the story about the, uh, the, the, the formula he came up with for the maintenance and repair salve. And, you know, I, I'm learning a lot about herbalism, you know, just through being married to him and, and uh, having this, you know, Co founding this company with him. That is what he's explained to me is, you know, herbs, you know, what will you see in a lot of products out there as somebody, uh, somebody will put one herb in a product, right? They'll say, oh yeah, we're in herbal blend. We tossed peppermint in, you know, are we, we, we flavored this with lavender, so it's herbs and you know, as Ricky said, herbs aren't used in isolation. They're used, they're put together, you know, I call him the herb squad, you know, I always think of it as like a little team of, of each one does its own really special thing and herbalism really is an art form and takes a great deal of study to understand their functions and how they work together and to come up with a way to put a group together that do, that can do incredible things together. Um, and he, the, the Optimize Formula that we had that other product that you see on the website, the tonic a, we call it the flexibility formula and where he, and, and as we were promoting that formula and talking about it and I said to him, you know, can people go online and like discover this formula, you know, if we, we Google this, is it out there? And he said, no. He said that was passed. That formula was passed down verbally to me from a professor at Emperors College who has studied with a lineage of martial artists and they use this formula. They were taking this herbal formula. Now remember, without the CBD in it, right? That's what we, that's, that's our own creation is dropping the CBD in it. So we're only talking about the herbs that are in that formula. Um, in addition to the CBD, you know, the tumeric and the cinnamon bark and, and so forth. And the hook, vine. And uh, what, what he explained to me is he said, you know, this, this formula, we're going to market it towards modern day Yogis, but it's been used for hundreds of years by monks who would take it in preparation for their martial arts training. So it, it warms the body up from the inside so that when they go to start moving and kicking and punching and all of that, they don't strain themselves.

Linnea Miron: 40:04 You know, it's a, it's a, it's a way that your body is sort of already in the flow as you start to move. And the idea is, and you know, we recommend that people take a take a dose of this in the morning when they wake up, you know, your body's gets cold and stiff when you sleep and you get up and you take a little bit of this in the morning, you warm yourself up so you have a, you know, greater mental and physical, emotional flexibility as you move through the day such that you're going to injure yourself less, you know, you're less likely to pull that muscle or to, to hurt yourself. And, but if you do that, we've got the south. The salve is for if, if the, if the injury comes. But the idea is, you know, with, with, with everything that we're doing is to help people stay at a homeostasis and to stay in a, in a state of wellness where you know, you're, you're less likely to need to need the, the products that, that you need after an injury has occurred.

Kannaboomers: 41:12 Well, and again, you said the wellness world and it gets to not just those drugs that doctors recommend to you after you hurt yourself, but also the nutritional things you're doing and if, if this tonic is, um, you know, it's got turmeric and the things that are maybe aren't in the processed foods that too many of us in eat as a part of the American diet and it's CBD might make sense as a supplement every day.

Linnea Miron: 41:39 That's how people are talking about it now and then. And we are as well, you know, to, to encourage people to experiment with their bodies and to consider, you know, maybe I try this, um, in the morning instead of the daily vitamin I take or maybe even instead of a cup of coffee, you know, because it's, um, it's funny, we, we named it, I came up with the name Optimize for it because when we were, when we were talking, we were having a branding meeting about it early on. And we were saying like, okay, well what does this do? What, what is this? How did you feel when you take the CBD oil? And there was a story of a man who, who was, was taking it at the time, um, that one of the people in our group told us about it and they said, you know what he said, he said again, a baby boomer golfer.

Linnea Miron: 42:30 And he said, every time that he takes CBD oil in the morning when he goes out to play nine holes of golf, he, he just always ends up playing 18. And it's almost like, it isn't, he doesn't, it doesn't even occur to him until after it's happened, you know, it's kind of one of those things of, Oh, well, look at that. I just effortlessly played 18 holes when I only meant to play nine. And when I heard that story, the word Optimize came in to my mind. And um, you know, one of our investors told me last week that, that she's been taking it and she would take it in the morning and she kind of, she, she noticed that she was going about her housework during the day as she would go up the stairs. She started taking the stairs two by two, you know. So there's like little things like that where people just start to notice, you know, and that's what a flexibility formula we'll do. You can see the translation of that with the monks who were, were uh, doing martial arts training. It's really not that different.

Kannaboomers: 43:32 No, that's exactly what I got from a guest last week, Elizabeth Frasier, the health cannabis who talked about her clients. She's a personal trainer and works with people and sometimes they're in their fifties, sixties or seventies, and they come back and say, I feel like I'm in my twenties. Yes,

Linnea Miron: 43:46 That's what we're hearing,

Kannaboomers: 43:48 You know, and it's not the cannabis alone. It's also, as you say, just the attention to your wellness. You need to work out, you need to get good sleep, you need to watch what you eat. But cannabis can be part of it. THC and CBD.

Linnea Miron: 44:01 Absolutely. Absolutely. And we encourage people to, you know, to experiment with it and you know, if, if everybody's different, you know, and everybody's dosages different and, you know, but what we're finding is that it can, cannabis can be, it can be taken earlier in the day and really optimizing, I'm a physical activity which is an, and you know, this investor that I was just telling you about. Um, she's, she's almost 60 and this is the first time in her life that she's been taking any of these things. And, and she was saying, she said, you know, I noticed I was doing work around the house and I was kind of almost running up and down the stairs. And she goes. And I just noticed now when I go to sleep, I'm just out. And I said, well, that, that's a byproduct of your body getting more exercise during the day, you know, and optimizing as you move through the day, you know, you're, you're, you're in a, you're in a different kind of flow. And so it all, it all kind of feeds on itself, you know. And then when people sleep better, you know, so, so she's, she's more active and she's more flexible and then her, her body goes to sleep more easily and then when you sleep better then you have a better day the next day, you know, and it just kind of compounds from there.

Kannaboomers: 45:22 Yeah. You're not in the state of disease, you're, you're in a state of wellness. My own dad is taking it for cancer. There are states of disease that it treats, well, epilepsy, PTSD, inflammation, all those things we've talked about. But um, you know, we've talked a lot about wellness and homeostasis and maybe for solving that disease for decades as a daily supplement. It makes a lot of sense in that regard.

Linnea Miron: 45:50 Yeah, I think that's where I think that's where we're headed for sure. I do. And I think the, everyone's seeing it too and the laws are moving in that direction as well. I think what we're going to see in 2019 is we're going to see the big box retailers carrying it. And you know, my, my vision of the future is really when you think about what drugstores stores look like right now, when you walk into a CVS or a Walgreens and you, you go up and down the aisles and you just kind of see what's available to us in the form that it's in, you know, I, really see in the, in the future, in the not too distant future, a completely different type of model and I think it's going to be dominated by CBD products.

Kannaboomers: 46:40 Well I want to say congratulations on the launch of Real Wellness. It sounds like a great brand that reflects Ricky himself who played as a fearless player and has a lot of integrity in how he handled himself. And it's really exciting to see what you guys are doing. So I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us about it and let our audience know where. Where can we find you on?

Linnea Miron: 47:04 Yeah. So online we are at shopRW.life. That's where you can go and purchase the CBD products and you can purchase them from any state and we'll ship them to you. Um, we have a very active Instagram account where we post a lot of content, so if you're interested in seeing everything we're doing and staying current with everything we're doing, our Instagram account is RWreal wellness and our Facebook account as the same, the same name. Um, and then our main website that, um, that contains information about our team and Ricky story and information about the THC products as well, which we can't put on the shop site. That main website is, is simply RW.life.

Kannaboomers: 48:00 Perfect. We'll, we'll look for you there and definitely we'll look you up on Instagram as well.

Linnea Miron: 48:05 Great. And we'll have to, we'll have to have Ricky come back on, on the show and talk to you at some point.

Kannaboomers: 48:10 Yeah, that'd be great. We'd love to have him. You know, we're down here in San Diego. He, he's a legend to everywhere but especially down here.

Linnea Miron: 48:16 Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you.